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Loup Dargent

smiley - run

smiley - smiley

smiley - bubblyWarm welcome to h2g2 from me...smiley - bubbly

smiley - discoMy name is loup.dargent and I am one of the <./>ACEs</.> [Assistant Community Editors] who welcome newcomers and show them around the site...smiley - disco

Some links you might want to click on:

smiley - book <./>DontPanic-Tour </.>... just in case...smiley - winkeye
smiley - space [Actually, it is _also_ a tour of h2g2 explaining/showing what the site is about... So it is worth reading it _even_ if you are not panicking...smiley - whistle]
smiley - bookA690518 ... with tips on how to spice up your page....smiley - cool
smiley - bookA1020592 ... another entry on how to brighten your page...smiley - biggrin
smiley - book <./>ThePost</.> ... our virtual weekly newspaper - with a new edition every Thursday...smiley - magic
smiley - space [Even more recommended by myself now...smiley - diva
smiley - space The reason being found at A2855883 ...smiley - winkeye]
smiley - bookA2958014 ... "WOTeva": _the_ Teen Researchers' newsletter...smiley - cool
smiley - book <./>FRONTPAGE</.> ... for the... err... front page...smiley - whistle
smiley - book <./>smileys</.> ... with a list of... yep, you guessed it... smileys...smiley - disco
smiley - bookA719840 ... some interesting links there as well...smiley - bubbly
smiley - book <./>info</.> shows you the convos going on right now plus some other stats...smiley - star

smiley - starsmiley - star Douglas Adams, the site's co-founder, has a Personal Space as well at U42, you're welcome to visit it and read some of his own entries especially his "Vision for h2g2" [A550955]...smiley - winkeye

smiley - starWhatever your interests, chances are that you will find some stuff with infos on them or/and like minded people on here... Just let me know and I will do my best to provide you with the relevant links...smiley - ok?!

smiley - book Another place that you might like to visit is <./>AskH2G2</.>...smiley - star

smiley - bookA1355195 ... this one could also be useful if one day you want to submit an Entry to the Edited Guide and/or the UnderGuide...smiley - bubbly

smiley - book Some more nifty links...smiley - disco

Click on:

smiley - book<./>RandomEditedEntries</.>... and, everytime, a different Edited Entry appears...smiley - magic

smiley - bookComingUp... and you will see the Entries which will be Edited soon...smiley - cool

smiley - bookMonth... and you can catch up with the Edited Entries which have been err edited lately...smiley - disco

smiley - book Don't hesitate to visit my personal space [that can be done by clicking on my name at the top of this message or/and on U200238] and leave a message... or click on the reply button at the bottom of this posting...smiley - smiley

Talk soon...smiley - surfer

loupsmiley - fullmoon

PS: If you visit my personal space and see your screen name appearing in some parts of my intro, do not be surprised or/and worried...
smiley - spaceIt's the result of a gimmick called tag which makes each visitor to my space see their own name...smiley - magic


smiley - spacesmiley - disco Adverts... Adverts... Adverts... Adverts... Adverts...smiley - disco

smiley - bookYep, five shameless plugs [well, five more anywaysmiley - whistle] now:

smiley - space"What's your Cyborg name?! Find out or/and tell us at A2924417 ...smiley - winkeye"
smiley - space"What's your Smurf name?! Find out or/and tell us at A2941968 ...smiley - biggrin"
smiley - space"What's your Vampire name?! Find out or/and tell us at A2961434 ...smiley - vampire"
smiley - space"What's your Spy name?! Find out or/and tell us at A2978742 ...smiley - cool"
smiley - space"What's your Pirate name?! Find out or/and tell us at A3000114 ...smiley - pirate"
smiley - space"What's your Name Acronym?! Find out or/and tell us at A3025414 ...smiley - puff"
smiley - space"What's your Randomly Generated slogan?! Find out or/and tell us at A3062242 ...smiley - star"

[I probably need to make a page just for them really... smiley - whistle]


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Hootoo Welcome From Your Local Ace...

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