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What is this all about? Well, sometimes people here at h2g2 are interested in getting an entry into the Edited Guide, but they need a helping hand along the way. Perhaps you just have a question about the writing style the Edited Guide requires, or formatting -- little issues that are often easier to clean up before an entry goes into Peer Review. On the other hand, maybe what you're really looking for is someone with experience to guide you along the way -- someone who can help you get your entry ready, explain how the Peer Review process works, and even help out in the Peer Review thread itself.

If you're one of those researchers with lots of experience in PR, and are interested in helping out, we have room for you, too!

Just have some questions?

If you're working on writing an entry - whether it be destined for the Edited Guide, the UnderGuide, or even just your own personal space - and you want to ask some questions, here's the place. People here will answer questions about anything from grammar and spelling, to vocabulary and style, to GuideML formatting, to whatever else you need to know to get the entry into tip top shape.

To post a question, just put your name where it says (INSERT NAME) in the subject box below, type your question in the box, and then hit the button. Alternatively, you can also just post a note at the bottom of this page, using "(YOUR NAME) has a question" as the subject line, and someone will be along to try and lend a hand.

What should I do about......

Looking for a Ride to the Guide?

Maybe you have more than a few questions. Maybe you're wanting to write an entry for the Edited Guide, but you'd feel a little more gung-ho if you had someone who'd 'been there, done that', and was willing to stick with you all the way through the process. If that's where you are, you've come to the right place! Here, you can sign up for a mentor, your 'ride to the Guide', we might say. Now, your 'ride' certainly isn't going to do all the work for you. But, they will be someone who might help you:

  • understand how the whole Peer Review process works,
  • figure out what needs to be done when,
  • decide if your entry meets the guidelines for the Edited Guide,
  • fix the GuideML formatting the way you want it,
  • prepare for and respond to the comments in Peer Review, and
  • make sure you know what's going on once your entry is picked by a Scout

If this sounds like a ride you'd like to take, just sign up below by putting your name where it says (INSERT NAME). In the box, give us an idea what kind of entry you're hoping to get into the Edited Guide -- is it an entry about your home town, a history entry, a scientific entry, what? This will help us match you up with someone who's interested in the same kind of thing.

Hi, I'm looking for someone to help me......

Like to pick up strays?

On the other hand, maybe you're a long time veteran of Peer Review and the Edited Guide, and would like to volunteer to be a mentor to one of our new authors. If so, pleeeeeeeease sign up below -- we neeeeeeeed you! smiley - grovel

Hi, I'd be willing to help someone with something like......

Useful Resources

What if you know you want to write an entry for the Edited Guide, but can't decide which topic to start with? Well, a useful place to start is often with an entry on your hometown, or another place with which you are well familiar. Entries about the "where" of it all are seen by many to be the backbone for our Edited Guide, and include entries about entities as big as continents and oceans, and as small as local neighborhoods and parks. If you're interested in starting out the such an entry, a good place to start out is The Royal h2g2 Geographical Entry Society; their Map Room has some helpful hints on what kind of information is useful to include in entries like this, and they also have people on deck to lend a hand should you need it.

Here are some other resources that are useful to anyone writing for the guide, but especially for first-timers in Peer Review.

Take your pick**Official Pages**Writing-GuidelinesSubEditors Style GuideReview Forum FAQGuideML Clinic**Newbie Guides**The Unofficial Help Page for Peer ReviewSo You Want To Submit to Peer Review?Azara's Personal Guide To Peer ReviewTypical h2g2 Newbies in Peer ReviewHow to remove an Entry from Peer Review

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