Hello! This is my page. And not a bad effort, if I say so myself...

My name's Thomas Tyrrell, I'm 17, and I currently work under the alias Zeg Must Prove Brains. This relates to an obscure line in a CGI reproduction of a 1960's Dalek Chronicles comic strip (don't ask) that caught my fancy. I had a brief daliance with the name Arty Fish Yule In Telly Gents, but that's all over now, thank goodness.

Before that, I was Whyever not? and before, in the very early days, I was Ameteurwriter. And once, in another account I lost the password and the username for, I was briefly known as Ly Tin Wheedle. How I came through all that without an identity crisis, I'll never know.

I'm also writing a serial called Human[s] for my college magazine. I can't guarantee there'll be an installment in the issue you look at, but I'm definitely in their back catalogue.

My current entries are...

12. My Classic Horror franchise entry.

I came to Invasion of the Body Snatchers relatively late in life. I'd watched the Evil Dead, I'd endured everything the shocking cinema unit in Film Studies could throw at me. I considered myself fairly immune to the horror genre. So I slipped the 1970's remake in the DVD player without a qualm.

Guess what? I still can't look a flower in the face, even now.

I read the book, worked my way through a couple of other versions and finally, in the usual way of things, wrote a guide entry. Great little franchise.

11. My Hollywood Western entry.

My Western loving credentials having been established with my spaghetti western duet, I decided to write an entry on my favourite American Western, High Noon. Don't just read this entry - go out to your local DVD store and buy the film!

Then again, I'd say that about most of the stuff I write about...

10. My Star Wars entry.

While browsing through the science fiction areas of the guide, I was interested to see that while the Doctor Who section had dozens of entries (including one on Hats in Doctor Who) other equally notable franchises had a bare scattering of entries.

Aflame with moral indignation, I swooped like a hawk onto this gap in the market, hoping to redress the balance slightly with my entry on The Death Star, the ultimate weapon of the Star Wars universe. More Star Wars entries may well follow, if I ever feel like it.

8 and 9. My Spaghetti Western series.

Another interest of mine. I did a film studies auteur project on Sergio Leone (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly being my favourite film ever), and decided to write a few entries while I was still tanked up.

I wrote my entry on the obscure and violent Django series first, before deciding while Django was in Peer Review to write one on the more mainstream spaghetti westerns - the Dollars trilogy. I'm thinking of writing an entry on the Once Upon a Time trilogy, just as soon as I can find a cheap copy of Once Upon a Time in America...

7. My Most Extensive Entry So Far!

This has been some time in coming, due to the length of time spent watch and rewatching the episodes, reading the books and writing up amazingly detailed synopses. But finally my entry on Doctor Who Monsters - The Slitheen has made it into the edited guide. It has the distinction of being the first entry in the series about an exclusively New Series monster, and my longest entry to date

6. My Film Buff Entry.

I'm currently taking Film Studies in College, and loving every minute of it. Whilst trawling the trivia section of the film listings website IMDB I came across several references to a Wilhelm Scream and was interested enough to google it, revealing a fascinating story that I quickly wrote up for H2G2. After one of the longest gaps between Peer Review and Front Page it has ever been my lot to suffer, it finally made it into the guide. Actually, it arrived almost a month after my Slitheen entry made the Front Page, despite the fact it was written first!

5. My Deafness Entry.

I've been moderately deaf since birth, and I decided to write an entry on the T loop to try and show it off. I've always been a fan of the whizzy gadgets you can get in your hearing aids, and I thought I had the knowledge to pull it off. I'd originally thought of it as a bit of light relief from my massive Slitheen entry, but it managed to make the front page with a picture. Well, I was angling for a picture right from the start, really, with my inexact descriptions of the T-loop symbol, but it's nice to see they went ahead and did it anyway.

4. My Bitterest Entry Yet.

This would be my entry on the 2006 GCSE Humanities Paper Debacle. The word debacle pretty much says it all - I had a sleepless worrying my head off about this ratted exam paper, and it cast a shadow over my whole exam period.

Some of my bile was toned down in the subedit, but I think I still bring the full horror across. I had a really rubbish time, but miraculously I still managed to come out the other side with an A.

3. My Writers Entry

I make no secret of it - I'm book mad, and I want to be an author in the future. I've even written three full length stories - The First Blade (early, but fun), Cliffworld (rubbish, dreadful, my God, where did I go so wrong) and No Mans Moon, which I retain a helluva lot of pride in.

My bedroom wall is plastered in rejection letters, which is where the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook comes in. A handy reference book, it helped me work out who to send things to in what format. They were on their one hundreth edition and I thought it would be nice to pass on the knowledge to someone in the same position, so I decided to write an entry on it.

2. My Doctor Who Fan entry.

For my second entry, I decided to make my alliances known with Doctor Who - Surviving and Reconstructing Missing Episodes, an article about the missing stories of the Doctor Who TV series and what episodes survive form that. It was an enlightening experience - I learned loads about the episodes, and I'm proud to say it made the front page with a picture.

Call me ungrateful, but I'm not too sure about the picture - a colour photograph from Marco Polo doesn't quite seem to sum it up. I'd have been happier with a picture of burning videotape, or some such.

1. My First Entry

Overly comical and not very well written, Parent's Evening certainly isn't my favourite entry. Still, we've all got to start somewhere. With hindsight, it might have been better to leae the subject to someone else and do something a little more definite - I think I come over rather woolly. Nevertheless, it is my first entry and I'm proud of it for that.


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