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Great British Waste Menu

smiley - discosmiley - disco Are you in the UK? Do you hate wasting food? So do I. I have just finished watching 'Great British Waste Menu' on BBC1 iPlayer. It is available till 9:59pm Wednesday 1st September 2010. The BBC really should extend the time it is available.

It is a real eye opening and takes you behind the scenes at our food producers, wholesalers and supermarkets, not to mention what we waste as individuals. I am sure this goes on in many other countries too but I am ashamed of the UK.

It is truly CRIMINAL! The programme is entertaining, not a rant or a lecture so please watch if you can.

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CAFO - Cows don't belong in fields apparently!

Do you know what CAFO meanssmiley - huh If not then I suggest you put the word in to 'the' search engine and see what comes up. There are some interesting and horrifying plans afoot in the UK which are an affront to everyone who cares about people, proper food, wildlife, the environment and domesticated livestock.

I came across it and being ever curious I delved - and I almost wish I hadn't. I would be interested to see what other people think. I would particularly like to hear from people living near any of these planned monstrosities, and anyone in the US who knows of them.

Newspaper articles are helpful but personal anecdotes are often better.

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"Dying for a biscuit"

If you care about wildlife as I do, and you are in the UK please try and watch this programme either live or on iPlayer.

Panorama - "Dying for a biscuit" airs 22nd February 8.30pm on BBC1.

Thank you, smiley - cheers

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Photographers Unite

So many of us carry cameras or camera phones now that I found this rather disturbing. I thought it might be of interest to others too.

The related articles at the bottom make interesting reading.

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Will People Never Learn?!

After all the fashionable pet disasters, such as the Ninja Turtle craze, it seems people have learnt nothing:

This is not a suitable Christmas present no matter how cute they aresmiley - doh

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