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Gruesome Truth!

Did anyone else watch Jamie Oliver's programme late last night "Eat to Save your Life" on the 4th channel 'on the other side'?

It was a lesson and a half for anyone even slightly overweight, with a larger than normal appetite, or a lover of fast food and junk food.

It was the best coverage of the subject I have ever seen. No-one was made to feel guilty - 'we are all in the same boat' was the approach.

The last part of the programme, for those who stopped up to watch it, would have had the most impact. If it is ever shown again I would urge you to watch it. it was a real eye opener. Gruesome definitely but the truth of the piece could not be denied.

i know now what I have to do, it is just a matter of doing it. I lost two and a half stone the last time I persevered and it has stayed off. Here goes for another two stone but without dieting. Wish me smiley - goodluck

Websailor smiley - dragon

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It Took Me Long Enough!

i can't believe how long it is since I wrote a journal entry! Part of the reason was that I got myself cut off from this page and only had entry by my original PS. Put it down to a smiley - senior moment smiley - rofl and I have plenty of those.

A big ‘Hello” and *wave* to anyone I haven’t *seen* for a while.

However, I am back in my rightful place again which is lovely. As my friends will know I have been a bit busy with my badger thread and writing articles for smiley - thepost both of which I enjoy immensely. On top of that I spend time morning and night feeding birds, squirrels, badgers and foxes, and sometimes stay up half the night watching the nocturnal activity. That, of course, may contribute to the smiley - senior moments smiley - doh

For some time now I have also been mastering the intricacies of a new computer and broadband, which I have to say is a total joy.smiley - biggrin Having struggled for seven years with 'elderly' but still functioning computers this is heaven.

smiley - biro There is one major drawback though. I promised PHM (my other half) that with this swanky new one I could get twice as much done in half the time, so I wouldn’t be online nearly so much smiley - tongueincheeksmiley - laugh.

Well of course, you’ve guessed it, I am addicted, and have to force myself not to go near it till the chores have been done, or the day (and night) disappears in a puff of smiley - steam.

It is frightening how quickly we get hooked isn’t it? Despite some of the derogatory comments about h2g2 made by long terms members I still think it is a wonderful site with a lot to offer,and it would be seriously badly missed by a lot of people if it went.

Some us have too much RL happening to do more than we do at present, even when we wish to, and being made to feel guilty is not the way to encourage more people to get involved. I certainly couldn’t take on any more as I don’t like being unreliable and I probably would be if I attempted to do more.

Now I am in the fast lane smiley - rofl I hope to explore more of h2g2, something which just wasn’t possible before. Ishall have to ration mself though or PHM will be pulling the plug!!

I hope not to leave it so long before I write another journal but RL being what it is, you never know.

smiley - cheers

Websailor smiley - dragon

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Oh, Joy, I'm Home Again!

Having had trouble getting in to my Personal Space since re-registering for BBC Science and Nature in September, Jim Lynn (on his white charger) has come to my rescue and put me right. Thank you Jim Lynn.

I can happily dispense with Science and Nature if I have to, as along with many others I didn't like the new format which was forced upon us.

So long as I have h2g2 I am happy.

smiley - somersault

Websailorsmiley - dragon

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My Heart is still Thumping!!!

Thursday 4th August 2005

Since 4.15am this morning my heart has been bouncing around like you wouldn't believe smiley - somersaultsmiley - biggrin and I can't stop smiling smiley - flyhi

I have all kinds of wildlife in my garden, or visiting, including four foxes, squirrels, the occasional hedgehog, frog and water vole, and about 30 species of birds. I have been seeing signs of another animal for quite a long time, but decided it was wishful thinking.

BUT, this morning on the way back from the little room, I did my customery peek out the window to see what was about, and nearly fell over. A dark shadowy figure had tipped the very low bird table over and was busily cleaning up the mess. I thought catsmiley - huh fox smiley - nahnah

Then I saw two long white stripes!! I have a badger visiting my garden and I am over the smiley - moonsmiley - somersault The stone table has been tipped over every morning for about a week now just after we put it there, and we thought it would have to be something strong to do it but didn't dare to hope.

I have never risen at that time in the morning before and stood transfixed for half an hour, during which time it was joined by a fox, who looked very disgruntled. After a drink from the bird bath(well dustbin lid actually )smiley - blush it waddled away down the garden and disappeared. I wonder if the badger had been eating the Marmite/honey sandwiches I had put out for one of the foxes, which appears to have Mange?

Anyway, peanuts, honey sandwiches and raisins are on the menu tonight, and some worms. I hope my other half can see it too, because at the moment it still feels like a lovely dream. smiley - smiley

Two Woodpeckers and a garden full of birds made us forget breakfast, till my other half realised he was supposed to be getting ready to go out!!

Was it a dream? I will let you know in due coursesmiley - smiley

Websailorsmiley - dragon

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A Very Lucky Escape!

Monday 26th July 2005

Today I had a close encounter with a Stock Dovesmiley - peacedove. We have three visiting our garden daily, but this morning one was sat on the path, totally still for ages. When I investigated it didn't move even when I touched it with my foot. It had blood coming from its' beak, though not much and there were feathers all over the lawnsmiley - grr.

It seemed stunned so I left it for a while to see if it recovered. Eventually I noticed it had perked up, so I got my gardening gloves and went to see if it was able to fly. Two cats shot out of the undergrowth and ran down the garden! I got a box and put a sheet of bubble wrap in it. The dove really had a go at me, and fluttered across the lawn into some brambles. It was a feisty one! It clearly wasn't up to flying though and I didn't fancy seeing it mauled by two cats, so I went and got an old cloth, covered it over and grabbed.

I put it in the box in my shed still covered with the cloth and left it. This would be about 10am. I checked periodically through the day and it was still breathing. I also saw a fox prowling and looking to where the bird sat originally. Now, was it a Sparrowhawk taking on too big a challenge, cats out to "play" or a hungry young fox without enough gumption to do the job properly?smiley - doh

I still don't know. About 4.25pm I took the box down the garden and opened it. Slight reaction, so I took the cloth off it gently, intending to tip the bird into the undergrowth near some brambles to give it cover. To my shock smiley - yikesand delight it hunched its' wings, and took flight straight out of the box, over some small smiley - xmastreetrees and high into the air and away!! smiley - applause It went in the direction in which they roost, so I think it might have a fighting chancesmiley - rose . It certainly deserved it. My husband says he hasn't seen such a big smile on my face in ages!! smiley - biggrin

Part of me hopes it will come back with the other two, and part of me hopes it will stay away. Feeding the birds is such a joy, but the feeling that I am luring them to their death does not feel comfortable. I can cope with fox and sparrowhawk, that's natural, but there are so many cats lying in wait "to play" I do wonder what their chances are.

After a very quiet period wildlife is coming back to the garden with a vengeance. Foxes, jays, goldfinches, greenfinches, nuthatches and willow tits have all made a reappearance this week. I thought with the rain and cooler weather they would find more natural food, but it is clear they need an extra boost after the busy breeding season.

It is so satisfying to record all these birds and animals and to take part in a national recording project. I know for certain my eyes and ears are much more attuned and observant than they were before I started the BTO Garden Bird Watch about three years ago.

Websailor smiley - dragon

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