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Calling Nigel's Friends

Through some technical difficulties which could not be resolved Nigel has had to re-registerer under the name Helleborus:

His Friends List cannot be transferred automatically and he needs to ask everyone again to be his Friendsmiley - doh

This is a bit of a laborious process, so could those of you who are registered as Friends (most of you are on my list too) please drop in on him, add him to your list and give the smiley - ok for him to put you back on his list ..... please?

His articles in smiley - thepost now carry the name Helleborus and his old moniker youngsuper_Nigel to avoid confusion.

Many thanks,

Websailor smiley - dragon

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Aspergers Computer Hacker in trouble

Sun. 5th July 09 I don't think anything has made me see red this much in a long time:

I have met people with Aspergers and it is obvious to anyone with any sensitivity that they have a number of serious problems, in spite of being very bright. Single mindedness and an inability to quite understand the world around them being two of them. Many of you will have a much better idea of the problems than I do.

Total frustration with our weak Government which allows us to lie down and be walked all over is only part of the problem. The total overkill attitude of the US is beyond belief. Caught with their pants down and embarrassed at their own shortcomings is an understatement. Taking it out on a vulnerable person is not the way I expected Obama's administration to handle such a matter.

I wish this man, and his mother all the luck in the world, but lets hope decent people can put this matter to rest once and for all. With all the real criminals and terrorists given free rein here, the US and the UK should think again. This is taking a sledgehammer to crack and nut and is the most appalling case of bullying of a vulnerable person I have ever seen.

I hope this is read before it gets yikesed, if it does.

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Birmingham Mini-Meet - An experience

On Saturday 25th April 09 I prepared for a totally new experience with some trepidation. Having contacted Elentari and arranged to meet up with her at her local train station I felt a little easier. I chat easily online but find people en masse a bit intimidating.

it rained heavily in the early morning, but cleared for me to catch the bus to the station. A new bus and route, and something of a mystery tour as it turned out. Having swopped photos previously we found each other easily and chatted waiting for the train and during the journey. What a lovely young lady, kind enough to humour a wrinkly! We made our way from Moor Street station (oh those steps!) to Starbucks, where some hootooers were already seated.

Sitting next to Hypatia, I was over the moon when Scorp and ST Mark ll arrived as I had long wanted to meet them. I wasn’t disappointed. How do you become ‘old friends’ online? I don’t know, but that’s what it felt like. Hypatia was a delight. After a ‘getting to know’ you session at the coffee shop we meandered towards the St. George’s Day activities and in the direction of the Sea Life Centre.

At this point I have to thank the younger contingent for not making the oldest smiley - senior member of the group, with arthritis, feel too decrepit. The steps and slopes were tough but I wouldn’t have missed it. After watching some of the events we moved on to a restaurant in the ICC for a comfort break (much needed). On the way we noted the historic statue of Boulton, Watt and Murdoch, a beautiful bronze monument to pioneers of our industrial heritage, now gilded, and looking distinctly brassy and tacky in our eyes.

Lunch was a leisurely affair, and I was pleased that my souvenir tokens were accepted. The climb to the canal was accompanied by comments about the improvement of the canal area on its its’ somewhat grimy and delapidated past. The Sea Life Centre proved too expensive for many of us - did I hear whispers of a rip-offsmiley - huh Surely notsmiley - doh - which was a shame, but then, being the only resident Brummie I suggested a trip in a canal boat which was definitely more suited to our pockets!

The trip was lovely, and a great way to travel but the reaction to the ‘commentary’ on board left me wishing I hadn’t suggested it. The content was interesting, but the presentation was …… embarrassing! There were some among us who looked about to cry ‘get me out of here’ which might have precipitated a ‘man overboard’ episode, but thankfully we arrived safely back at the ICC with no mishaps.

We certainly saw the back of Brum in a new light. It reminded me that the Government had cut funding to British Waterways who are responsible for our canals, and it showed. I have to say that chatting to ST I thought he would have given us a very much better commentary, and I hope he does write an article for the Guide on the Birmingham canals. It is a fascinating subject for those interested in history.

Meandering along the canal looking for a watering hole, we came upon the tiniest pub I think I have ever seen. Twelve of us inside … Never! But it accommodated us with good grace, and I don’t think the loud laughter and chat drove any other people away. It was nice to see refreshments for non-drinkers available, though the smiley - puffers amongst us had to go outside to pollute the atmosphere (their words not mine!)

I wish I had noted the name of it, as I wouldn’t feel out of place there again, not being a drinker.

Along with others I had to opt out of Vip’s quiz, having to admit, somewhat shamefacedly, to not having read our esteemed founder’s books, though I have followed some of the tv wildlife programmes he did. Well, I would wouldn’t I?

Have I mentioned that very important person Vip was the life and soul and director of the day, and very good she was too. During the session in the pub I had the chance to talk at length to Hypatia, and began to wish she didn’t live so far away. I also got the chance to talk more to Scorp, ST and Matt, with whom I have a slight connection viz-viz WWF.

Eventually the three musketeers, Scorp, myself and ST had to make a move, they to train and car and me to hurry home and feed my badgers! We said our goodbyes and I was treated to a very nice smiley - hug by the towering Phil smiley - smiley

Having walked and chatted all the way to New Street, I said goodbye to my new found friends and headed for Moor Street, only to realise I had three minutes to get up three flights of stairs, cross the bridge and descend another three flights to get to my platform. I made it just as the train pulled insmiley - doh I truly think Saturday gave me more exercise than I have had in months. smiley - drumroll As everything was creaking ominously I got a taxi for the last leg smiley - blush

Whether I shall ever attend another Meet, I know not, but thank you to everyone who took part and made it a special day. Now, where’s the WD40?

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Are you going to join the Global movement on 28th March 2009 by switching off lights and unnecessary appliances for just one hour? Show your support for the fight against climate change, waste and many other environmental issues.

One hour - that's all, it's not such a sacrifice, and it might just remind us how much we take for granted in the developed world.

If you feel a bit smiley - silly and 'alone' in doing this, then take a look here:

see how it has grown, and join the millions of people who are making an impact with this one small thing. It shows just what can be achieved when we work together.

Come and join us.

Websailor smiley - dragon

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Blowing in the Wind Update

For those of you with an ultra-serious nature please note that the early part of the following post is very much smiley - tongueincheek

When I wrote this article A31079883 on 17.01.08 for smiley - thepost I had no idea of the impact it would have on readers. The power of h2g2 and the BBC is greater than I thought! smiley - biggrin

On Wednesday 27 February 2008 The Daily Mail (British national newspaper) began a major campaign to banish the plastic carrier bag. There is little doubt that the photos of the messy litter these items cause, and the dreadful harm caused to wildlife, galvanised individuals, politicians and some supermarkets in to action. And not before time!

For all articles and photos:

Now, we know that politicians will jump on any handy bandwagon that will transport them towards more votes at the ballot box, but I think this time that maybe we should support and encourage them to actually do the right thing.

The mere carrying of a cotton bag with a slogan can start the ball rolling. My cotton shopping bags are carried in a smaller cotton bag provided free by the

BBC Breathing Places Campaign which asks that you ‘Do One Thing’ for wildlife on one side, with BBC logo and Breathing Places on the other. The other day, on the way to the bus I was asked by a charming workman “what one thing are you doing?” with a big saucy grin.

I stopped to tell him that apart from putting up bird feeders and planting a tree for nature, this year I was ‘banning the bag’. He showed genuine interest, and I hope I planted a seed smiley - smiley

I feel sure that this conversation will come back to him when he sees the TV and newspaper coverage of the past few days, when the carrier bag issue appeared pretty near the top of the ‘running order’ on both TV and radio bulletins.

smiley - ok cynics - maybe it was a quiet News day, or week even, but who cares, it made an impact. I have noticed recently that more people are carrying cotton bags, particularly if their previous holiday destination is emblazoned on it! smiley - evilgrin I will admit to carrying one brought back from Florida by a friend. It has an attractive picture on the front, which turns from natural cotton colour to a full colour picture once in sunlight. I have seen people watch it happening at the bus stop which is quite amusing. smiley - biro I live in terror of finding out what chemicals might be employed to make this happen howeversmiley - doh If anyone knows, answers on a postcard please.

It is more of a bind for me to change to cotton bags as they are bulkier to carry and I don’t have a car, but if you have transport than carrying a few bags in the boot ready for action can’t be that difficult. Many places are giving them away free, or they can be bought cheaply. If they get grubby they wash beautifully in a normal wash load. Oh, and the handles don't cut in to your hands like plastic ones. smiley - smiley My fingers are usually purple and blue and numb by the time I reach home.

I don’t usually make New Year resolutions because I know I won’t keep them, so this is more in the nature of a lifestyle change, and after all I must practise what I preach, mustn’t I, now I am famous for bringing the matter to the attention of the media? smiley - tongueincheeksmiley - rofl

Websailor smiley - dragon

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