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Inspiration on a Hot Day

Just in case we forget when we had summer in 2005 it is Sunday 19th June and Friday and Saturday were nearly as hot!!

I am finding the hot weather a bit debilitating but when looking for a version of the "The Present" I found this page:

I hope you like it. Does any one have any others to add to the listsmiley - huh

smiley - zzzsmiley - sleepy Wrap me in smiley - snowballsmiley - llabwons

Websailor smiley - dragon put that fire out, I can't stand itsmiley - smiley

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Shredding My Life!!


As part of my de-cluttering (as some of you will remember) I have decided to clear out my office of past paperwork in connection with WWF. Sentimentally, and for precautionary reasons, I have kept every thing I have received or sent for 17 years smiley - doh plus souvenir prgrammes, letters from volunteers and donors etc. etc.

It makes very interesting reading, which is slowing my efforts down, as I keep reviving memories of the fun and frustration I have had fundraising. I am find it very hard to shred stuff, as it feels like I am destroying a large part of my life, but I really need to clear the decks for campaigns ahead, and for all the other things I do.

smiley - pandasmiley - pandasmiley - panda is a big part of my life and has saved my sanity more than oncesmiley - evilgrin I can't imagine not doing it, but I am often reminded by well meaning friends (and my other half) that I am not as young as I used to be!! There you are A1 - there's that AGEISM againsmiley - roflsmiley - bleepsmiley - bleep and humbug!!

BIrds are singing outside as I type - smiley - sorry birds, you have already been fed more than I should have given you so I am off for that smiley - coffee I promised myself half an hour ago.

I have shed my Websailor cloak to some of you lately, and it feels very strange, but I look forward to the odd email from time to timesmiley - rofl

smiley - cheerupA1 I am sure it will be sorted eventually. We shall keep in touch regardless. Take care,

smiley - cheers
Websailorsmiley - dragon

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Tolkien Weekend Update

Saturday 11th June 2005

I have been very slow to enter the Tolkien Weekend update in my journal. There always seems to be something else I have to do! smiley - run

Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th May 2005
We were so lucky with the weathersmiley - smiley. Two glorious sunny and very busy days. The event was in its' fifth year but this year was special, as it was celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the publication of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogysmiley - book by J.R.R.Tolkien. Yes, I know there have been films, too smiley - biggrin The event is set in and near his childhood haunts, which inspired him to write the books.

Now just in case you are in any doubt that this is about Tolkien smiley - evilgrin take a look here: The area originally known as the Millstream Project this year officially became "The Shire Country Park", again emphasising the connection. See

There were guidedsmiley - footprints walks in the smiley - footprints of J.R.R., wildlife smiley - tit walks along the River Cole, a guided walk around Moseley Bog, the spooky smiley - ghost setting for parts of the books, and a walk round his childhood haunts.

An Archaeology Walk was also led by the City Archaeologist. A Bus smiley - bustour on a 1950's "Brummagem" (NOT red) double decker smiley - bus took fans to see the "two towers" - said to have inspired him when a student at nearby St. Phillip's Grammar School - Perrott's Folly and an ornate victorian chimney on land now owned by Severn Trent Water.

Narrations and drama excerpts from "The Lord of the Rings" took place in Moseleysmiley - ghost Bog, and people in Lord of the Rings costumes were everywhere - quite a sight and a bit scary too!

Sarehole Mill is a working water mill, but unfortunately that day there was insufficent water to operate it! Good weather has its' drawbacks. In addition to all sorts of activities in the Tolkien tent, there was a great deal to do for those less enthusiastic about the author. Two large craft marquees, a Re-Enactment group, miniature railway, RSPB and WWF stalls, Moseley Bog Group display, woodland craft demos, gypsy caravan, a Farmers' Market, amusements for the "little ones" and a Poetry marquee with folk music, songs, local poets and readings from "The Lord of the Rings".

Oh, and food and drink in abundancesmiley - cheerssmiley - burgersmiley - teasmiley - coffee thank goodness, it's thirsty worksmiley - smiley

It is interesting to note that people come from all around the world each year, some even booking their holidays to coincide with this event.

Plans for a Tolkien Visitor Centre are afoot which will be welcomed. It was a glorious weekend, with a good attendance and we have to say a big thank you to the organisers for another cracking weekend. It is very hard work for everyone involved, but one of the most enjoyable events in the Birmingham calendar.

Websailorsmiley - dragonsmiley - runsmiley - coffee

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Tolkien Weekend

9th May 2005

I am looking forward to our first outdoor event of the year at Sarehole Mill in BIrmingham(UK) this weekend. It is always a relaxed, smiley - smiley happy event with so much going on that the two days fly by.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the publication of The Lord of the Rings, and the Tolkien weekend is celebrating this event with another fantastic weekend of activities to interest all Tolkien fans. There is is also plenty of other entertainment for members of the family who are, perhaps, not so interested:

This event has grown enormously in popularity, and we have had a WWF stall here every year since it started. Sarehole Mill and Moseley Bog are now officially part of the Shire Country Park, named in honour of Tolkien, and there is an amazing variety of wildlife habitat as well as a number of buildings connected with J. R.R. Tolkien.

I shall need the Monday to recover but I always get great satisfaction from this event. I just hope the weather behaves itself. Wish us smiley - goodluck

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Fred Dibnah R.I.P - Full Steam Ahead!

10th March 2005 smiley - rose

This week saw the start of a twelve part series on Fred Dibnah who sadly died last November, at 66, after a three year fight against cancer.

To those not familiar with the name, he was a steam fanatic and steeplejack, who alternately terrified us, amused us and enthralled us, becoming a TV smiley - star almost by accident.

It is so sad to say goodbye to a true English Eccentric, a real "one off". He was hard working, down to earth, very, very talented and quite unique. It is good that he managed to get his beloved traction engine fully restored and running before he died. No matter that it took 27 yearssmiley - doh It is right and proper that he also received national recognition for his services to our industrial heritage and broadcasting.

I will really miss his humour and knowledge, communicated with such enthusiasm, but it was so good to see his eldest "lad" working with him, from choice, and operating the traction engine "like a good 'un!"

I do wonder if he went up or down - I can't see him in the clouds with the angels, he was far too "wicked" smiley - rofl for that, but down below he should be able to generate a good head of smiley - steam to keep himself occupied smiley - roflsmiley - blush

"did ya like that" - oh, yes Fred, I sure did, and so did many other people. Thanks to the BBC for introducing us to this treasure.

Goodbye, God Bless, R.I.P. smiley - rose

smiley - dragon

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