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His Divine Shadow: ACE, Shi Alyt

Hi there Hitchhiker! smiley - smiley I am His Divine Shadow (smiley - wow), your resident ACE. I can help you with many of the problems you might encounter here on H2G2. And if I am not available, then you can ask one of our many other friendly <./>ACEs</.> (Assistant Community Editors) or Gurus (they are masters of Guide ML and can easily answere your technical questions) to help you in any way, shape, or form.

To get a handle on how to use those nifty little Smileys, just click here <./>Smiley</.>

Here is a wonderful page that will help you Spice Up Your Page A690518smiley - cool

Another highly regaurded help page is Feisor's Hints and Links for New Researchers A719840. smiley - cool

If you would like to change your nick name from the rather bland researcher number to something with more flare, then you can click on the "preferences" button, get rid of the researcher number and add in a name of your own devising. You can also change your page style to whichever you feel the most useful.

If you unsure as to how to respond to this post, just click the reply button at the very bottom of the post.

In case you find yourself lacking in things to dosmiley - sadface, here are some of the more popular groups you can join here on H2G2, I myself am a member of many of these.

The United Intergalacic Imperium: A966710

Hogwart's school of Witchcraft and Wizardry: A1014229

The United Friends of H2G2: A703126

The H2G2 gods: A598917

The Thingites: A516647

The Knights of H2G2: A724763

The Muses of H2G2: A420661

The H2G2 Guardian Angels: A467606

The Terranic Army: A814097

Do you like Science Fiction and/or Fantesy very much?

I hope you enjoy your stay on H2G2. If you stay on long enough young Hitch Hiker, you might be an ACE someday! Cheery Bye!

And always remember your smiley - towel

Your resident ACE,
His Divine Shadow smiley - wow

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