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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

You are here because you possess the powers that weild the magics of the earth and the sky. With abilities you can do good in the world and make it a better place. Due to the fact that Muggles don't like something they don't understand, we ask you to not use your magic outside of this school or in this realm.

In this school you shall learn the ways of magic which includes:

  • Divination (Allows the caster to both detect things previously concealed and conceal things previously visible, and predict future events sometimes.)
  • Transfiguration (Your turning things into different things, also ani-mage magic, becoming animals is an advanced part of it)
  • Alteration (Deals with changing things, whether it is illusion or an actual physical change. Cause illusions or actual physical changes (telportation, faster movement, etc....)
  • Channeling (Gives a chance to continue casting without being interrupted if you are hit while casting the spell, Deals with things that goes boom. Fireballs, force spells, etc...all fall under the auspices of this offensive skill.)
  • Charms (Your basic charms, making things fly by a small spell, as well as your basic "buffs" giving you the ability to increase strength and give you the ability to heal depending on where you wish to put your interest in.)
  • Conjuration (This gives you the ability to summon up and control magical pets. Also close to this class is the necromancer, even though they are thought of evil and mostly frowned upon in Hogwarts. Even with the pets, Conjurers are given the ability to cast a magical shield around themselves giving them a higher chance against spells.)
  • Potions/Alchemy (This is the use of magica and chemsistry to create new and powerful potions, elixers, and draughts for an number of purposes.)

School Supplies:

In Hogwarts you need your school supplies, so stop by Required Gear for your yearly supply list.

Enlisted Students/Professors:

You can visit school roster of the students/professors Hogwarts Roster

The money issues for Hogwarts:

If you want to see how to get more money, then click Money Systems for Hogwarts.

Places to Go:

There are places near Hogwarts that you can go as a student.

If you want to travel the school, you may go through the Entrance Hall. This hall shall take you through most of the school. We have a few additional links to straight out fun and classes. To go anywhere else, please use the Floo Network.

Yearly Allowances for Hogwarts School:

-1st Years: 1 Galleon

-2nd Years: 5 Galleons

-3rd Years: 10 Galleons

-4th Years: 15 Galleons

-5th Years: 20 Galleons

-6th Years: 25 Galleons

-7th Years: 30 Galleons

Qudditch Players: Get bonus' for number of games player, how many wons, and how many goals you scored or successful hits. They also get new gear for Quidditch matches.

A ruined castle in the moonlight.

The Houses:

There are four houses for the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Each house is different in their own little way.

  • Gryffindor: Brave and Courageous
  • Hufflepuff: Just and Loyal
  • Raven Claw: Witty and Learned
  • Slytherin: Sly and Cunning
Character's Name:
Strongest Area of Magic:
2nd Strongest Area of Magic:
Wand Enchantment (what your wand gets its magic from Harry's was a Phoenix Feather):
School Pet:

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