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One day, I want to be a doctor

A little bit about me1

Well... where to start?
At the beginning?
If I did that I think it would take too long, and I'd lose you interest somewhere around the end of my first week. And so instead here follows a very brief summary of the more interesting events of my life so far..
I grew up in a small town in Essex, called Coggeshall2, went to a local primary school, Colchester Royal Grammar School(here's what I was like when I left) and then, aged 19, started university. I am in my first year, studying medicinesmiley - doctor at Cambridge, specifically at Gonville and Caius3 College. There are currently two pages about the college- A Brief History of Caius" and a Life at Caius that I'm sure Catwoman will update soon. Alternatively you could view the following pages about pastimes at Caius, pennying and boat races.

Things that I like doing

Like every person that ever there was I enjoy a random mixture of vaguely amusing activities with some soul-building and enrichening4 pursuits. Here are some you may find informative:
  • Plotting to take over the world
  • Random things in cars
  • Playing minigolf online

  • Philosophy

    I can't say I know exactly how to define my philosophy on life, when asked if the glass is half-empty or half-full I usually try to find some semiwitty reply that doesn't involve actually answering the question. Actually, thinking about it I usually try to answer questions this way- due my total lack of comedy however I fail. In addition i get totally confused by the whole "cogito ergo sum"5, I mean how is one supposed to know whether one is actually thinking, or just thinking that one is thinking? Or have I totally missed the point and both are actually the same thing? Who knows? Frankly; who cares?

    Pages That Appear Useful

    These pages are here mostly so that I can keep track of them!
    List of smileys Does exactly what is says on the tin
    Websafe coloursCode for pretty colours
    A List of pictures to use on your pages
    Codes for symbols- using symbols on your pages.

    Things I've had published

    This isn't as hard as it might seem- to get into smiley - thepost simply write an article that is half decent and send it, in simple text preferably, to the team. The easiest way to get into the edited quide is to contribute to one of the Collaborative Topics. If I managed it, so can anyone.

    Articles published in smiley - thepost
    Pennying at Caius- A Noble Cambridge Tradition

    Articles published in The Edited Guide
    A Guide To Modern Etiquette
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor- The Band

    Articles published on the Front Page ofThe Edited Guide
    A Brief History of Gonvillle and Caius College

    My Friends

    Catwoman- I've already linked to her above, but hey! She deserves at least two mentions!
    Xero- Like me he appears to be a serial drunkard.smiley - cheers Ask him about handkerchiefs
    Placebo Domino-He's new- be friendly to him!
    Terri & Yoda-Very keen on using smilies, she describes herself as a smiley - zensmiley - devil

    And finally... and most importantly...

    What it's all about. By the man himself. Visit it.
    1User Number=192134... INVSin(1)-9*(2+3!)+4!=422In fact since my parent's home is still there and I'm a student I still live there most of the year3Pronounced "Keys"4Is that even a word?5"I think, therefore I am"


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