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I was reading an article in the Sunday Telegraph about various members of staff from Chelternam College for Girls going off to learn the CanCan at the Moulin Rouge. It pointed out they weren't the standard size for Moulin Rouge girls who apparently have to be 5'8" and weigh 8st. Now bearing in mind I'm 5'8" and 9st something, most people consider me to be unfairly skinny. I don't think I could lose a stone in weight I've no where to loose it from and on top of this they have to have breasts! Real ones to silicon is banned. As anyone who dances/exercises will tell you the first thing to go is the breast, just like Denise Van Oulton found when she started doing Chicargo.

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I was going to rant about something today but I've totally forgotten what it was.

I know I was going to complain about the fact I keep waking 2 hours before I need to get up, at least this morning I managed to get back to sleep but yesturday I didn't and spent the whole day shattered.

But there was something else too, I thought of it in the car this morning but can't remember for the life of me what it was.

Oh well

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New Career Needed

I am so utterly bored at the moment, I have nothing, and I mean nothing, to do at work. I travel 90 miles a day to sit and do nothing. Some people scoff and say oh but it must be great being paid to do nothing. It's not. There is only so many times you can read BBC news or check your email or check H2G2 for new postings.

I could handle it at first but this has been going on, on and off, for 9 months now and I'm sick to the back teeth.

I am applying for jobs but nothing inspires me. My husband has been lucky enough to have the opportunity to change direction towards something he will enjoy but it unfortunately means a pay cut which means I can't really do the same as we can't afford me too be earning less too.

Why can't I have job satisfaction and a decent wage , not pots of money I'm not greedy just enough to live off.

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Grammer Rant

Now I know that my english skills are not good enough to earn me a degree in literature but I would hope that they are of a readable level.
I'm starting to feel old when younger peoples language skills leave a lot to be desired. I add this that I culled from another discussion page that I use, and was posted by a 11-12 year old:

"im aware of this but to be honest with you there really for decoration more than anything the only dance shoes i will be wearing are the leather ballet shoes, byt thankyou for ur advice, could i ask u something else, im doing ballet for a hobbie but im 5ft 8.5 do you think i too tall im also slightly worried about my weight i wouldn't say im over weight but i don't fancy strutting around in a leotard either will they make me wear 1"

It's just, like, arrrgh, use capitals....and punctuation....and real words. At least, generally, H2G2ers are a bit more articulate.

Oh and to translate, for my own piece of mind:

"I am aware of this but to be honest with you the're really for decoration more than anything. The only dance shoes I will be wearing are the leather ballet soes, but thank you for your advice.
If I could ask you something else, I am doing Ballet as a hobby but I am 5' 8 1/2", do you think I am too tall? I'm am also slightly worried about my weight, I wouldn't say I'm am over weight but I don't fancy strutting around in a leotard either. Will they make me wear one?"

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Hmm I was just looking at the who's online list and sorted it by ID, wasn't really surprised to see I wasn't too far down as I know I've been here for a few years now (erk), but I clicked on one of the "new this week" people and realised thier ID number was a whole order of magnitude bigger then mine, I mean flipping heck!

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