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Big Mac

well not that big.

i've been corrupted from the way of microsoft and am using my bloke's new toy, an Ibook that he finally got on friday and then he had to fly out to California this morning and left it behind.

though i'm baffled by the lack of a delete key i keep peering at the keyboard but i have yet to find it.

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and i'm still baffled as to how a thread can have -1 new postings according to my page

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i want cig but i can't as i don't smoke.

Am sitting here looking at free fonts trying to find ne to use on our wedding invitations and the same time as listening to William Orbit trying to pick music for the processional

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it's icky and wet and horrible outside and far to early up on a sunday morning, woke at not long after my usual mid week getting up time so had to get up or else other half would have whinged at me for figgiting. Which means because he's still asleep i can't do anything useful like the washing up in case i make noise. And it's wet and horrible outside which is most annouying as I wanted to do some more work in the garden. Been trying to rake out all the moss in the lawn, been doing it a small patch at a time as it's so tiring. Ugh I'm so unfit. Heds has decreed that he's going to start doing exercises in the mornings when he starts his new job as he doesn't need to leave the house so early, so that he can get fit and has said he's going to make me too (*sneer*) But he did say he'd buy me a new bike for christmas which is ok i guess. Mines been sat in the garage for ages the brakes are seized and keep saying I'll fix it, but haven't.
To be honest did have fair warning it was going to rain today, have been whatching the weather forcast all week as we thought we were going to go and whatch fireworks last night. Was a good night for it too but we didn't go because the people we were going to go with couldn't make it, oh well. Might be going to some next weekend instead.
Probably just as well didn't out as I was exhausted from doing a charity fashion show for MS, it seemed to involve lots of hanging around waiting so i don't know why i was so tired, other then the fact I wasn't allowed to sit down in any of the dresses I was wearing for about 3 hours. They put me in some hideous outfits too, i'm not looking forward to seeing the photos smiley - sadface
Heds is supposed to be setting up a website for our wedding at the moment I think he's decided on as the domain name, I'm not so sure but anyway...
Hmm rambled a bit more then i planned

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not posted for a while, just noticed i'm on 2Leg's Friends list..

Well whats been happening...

Got a new job, being a planespotter down at Standsted...

Other half signed up for permemnet posistion down in watford then resigned two weeks later... but on the other hand he has got a job closer to home which will be nice as i shall actually get to see him again.

wedding plans are driving me nuts...


another birthday come and gone

thats about it

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