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Yes I am still alive incase anyone was wondering.

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Latest reply: Nov 17, 2006

Saint Books

Weee down to only missing 13 books, my dad found one that I didn't have in the bookshop they go to on a lunchtime.

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Latest reply: May 2, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.

I on't really have any resolutions for this year, I never really have but I guess it's a time to reflect what I might like to do this year.

1) Do better at ballet, I guess this means working a bit harder. It gets a bit frustrating because I want to work harder but that means more classes and after a certain point I get a bit guilty for deserting my husband all the time

2) Progress in my job. Would be nice to get my own project to look after but I don't think I'm really in control of that, will just have to wait and see.

It should be an interesting year as now that most of our friends are married or long term attached they've all started sprogging.

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Latest reply: Jan 1, 2006

Christmas Sadness

Yesturday morning I came downstairs to find a cat had died on our patio. It had been crying in the night and my husband had got up to see what was going on, it appeared to be fine but wouldn't leave.

I spent a lot of yesturday knocking on doors around my street trying to find the owner without much luck. The only possible lead was of a similar sounding cat but that had been missing for 6 weeks and the owner had gone away for Christmas.

So this morning I took it to the vets in the hope it might have a microchip, but again no luck there. However I have now arranged for it to be cremated which is a more fitting end for a loved pet then just being thrown away.

I'll have to put some leaflets through doors now I guess, I know it's a horrid thing to have to tell someone at Christmas but better they know then worry about a missing cat.

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I made the mistake of having a fairy jasmine in my bath this evening, even after a high powered decontamination type shower I am still covered in glitter. I'm sure I'll spend tomorrow with coworkers telling me I have a bit of glitter on my face/hair/entire body.

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