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Chancellor of Durham University

I have just read ( that Bill Bryson will be following in the footsteps of Sir Peter Ustinov, a hard a act to follow, his speech at my graduation was most amusing.

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Enforced Absence

The wireless router has been unplugged recently so that the game cube could be plugged in to play Resident Evil 4, but now he has the new timesplitters for the xbox so the wireless router is plugged in again and I can use the laptop!

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More Celebrations

It's made it to the front page!

Bit of a random picture they've picked for it.

Et Tutu, Brute
It's often said that your average ballet dancer is considerably fitter than the average footballer. While this might simply be due to the differences in lifestyle that go with those chosen careers, it could also be closely linked to the sheer agility needed to stand in - and hold - the various positions and directions of ballet.

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My first guide entry has come out of peer review to be edited officially!


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Conflict of Interest

Last year we were coming up for renewal on something in the company I work for and I knew a friend who runs a part time business could offer it cheaper which my company was very pleased with.

Generally up till recently it's gone ok, they've provided the service and we've paid the bills.

But recently we've been trying to set up and extra service with them which has generally been ok but my Chairman (who is know for throwing his toys around) has got involved and suddenly I'm getting tonnes of pressure and questions "who are these people? How do you know them? Why won't they call" (they specifically don't do phone support but always answer emails promptly so it's not a problem)

I'm left stuck in the middle feeling very afraid for myself.

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