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For One Night Only...

ME! at the Royal Albert Hall!

Well morning actually, but I, (me!) get to dance on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall!

The ENB are putting on a an Adult Ballet Class on the stage along with some other fun things that I going to do in June.

Been looking forward to this but now I've got the confirmation the realism of the logistics is sinking in, looking at the times I need to be there I'd have to catch the 6:30am train and now get home till 1am the next day, so now I'm looking for a hotel to stay in.

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Delayed WooHoo

I got a new job. Actually I got it on Wednesday but I've been away since then. I had my second interview and at the end they offered me the job. So I've handed in my notice this morning just before my boss flew out to Switerland so I probably won't hear when I can leave for a little while.

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World of Warcraft

My husband has just got me playing this it's a MMORPG or whatever the intials are. I think I will have no life now.

Just better not get to engrosed playing it on wednesday on my day off as I have my second interview at the company i went to the other week to go to.

fingers crossed

for that and my ballet exam on sunday

oh and i have a wedding to go in between

busy week

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Election Candidates

This tickled me being married to a biker wish I could vote for him!

(at the bottom of the page)

Full candidate list for constituencies in Cambridgeshire

Helen Clark (LAB)
Mary Herdman (UKIP)
Stewart Jackson (CON)
Nicholas (Nick) Sandford (LIB DEM)

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I have two interviews today and I'm feeling horribly nervous all shaky and tummy hurts.

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