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En Pointe

I'm sat here wearing my silk coated torture instruments. I didn't strap my feet properly and rubbed one of toes raw last weekend, it's still healing. I think I've got them broken in now they seem to be bending in the right way, unfortunately this only shows up the fact that my feet don't. Oh lord what have I let myself in for. Ballerinas make is look so easy. smiley - sadface

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Tea Ceremony

I'm agast we don't have an entry on this subject. I'd write one but the reason i was looking was I didn't know and wanted to find out.

Being interested in ikebana and japanese gardens i keep finding references to it but would be interested to learn about it as perhaps it would give me a better understanding of these topics.

Our friend is currently on an open ended posting to Japan on business and has invited us over if we want, if I went i'd like to go to a tea ceremony but i would want to understand it first as i feel it would be rude not to, ie being a gawping tourist. Unhounerable. There's a lot to learn about their culture in all aspects.

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Look I am still alive

Incase anyone was wondering

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Well it's happened, the champange cocks have popped, cake cut etc.

I'm now in identity limbo with most of my official documents still in my old name. Having to remember which name to sign depending on what i'm doing. The worst bit is when i phone people and say "hi, it's ___ from ___" I keep stumbling over which surname to use as some people i phone at work know my old one, and some don't know me at all but i still have forget and start to say the old surname and then change and confuse the hell out of everyone.

But anyway it was a good day and everyone enjoyed themselves just about, and nothing went horribly wrong and the sun shone all day!

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Not long now..

yep, less then a month now all very scary still many things to do, ordering cakes etc. Photographer came around this morning to check what we wanted.

We've decided to have Journey of the Sourcerer by the Eagles as the music whilst we sign the regisiter, this song should mean something to people around here (prolly find out now no one recognises it's real name). I guess having this means I'm a real H2G2 geek but we like it not just because of it's past uses.

Got the stuff through about paying for the hunnymoon today, been keeping an eye on the exchange rates as it's priced in $CAN, which means the actual price to us can change by quite a bit if the rates change.

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