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Back again (again again) ! Sorry, it had to be done... I'm talking about... CHRISTMAS! *dramatic chord*

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R.G.W - And at no point during this outing did I run the risk of being cool... [temporarily or possibly permanently missing]

Hurrah! Bendik has good taste in music. Ah, beloved Trent. The only Industrial artist in existance who can get away with mentioning his dogs in his dedications/thank you page.

I must say the lyrics sort of took me by surprise (track 14), I was sitting on my bed reading and then I heard " running naked through the woods again", I was somewhat puzzled, thought I'd misheard, went back to my book, heard it again, called people into my room to make sure that I wasn't just hearing things, everyone agreed, I stood back and went "Well, I'll be." smiley - biggrin

Well, it's my birthday today. Not dropping that in just for the hell of it, except to say this has been the best birthday in living memory! I'm sorry but this is pretty unusual, in fact, it's never been done. I am so completely happy! *stands back and feels chuffed* My friend bought me a Wicca witch set, which threw me a bit, it came complete with a wand for chrissakes!

Well, glad you liked the presents, you can even say when asked where purchased (if not because they are liked, but for sheer novelty value) "oh, yes, Camden dah'ling", in my experience, you can get away with wearing/having almost anything so long as you mention you bought it in Camden (see my entire wardrobe smiley - winkeye)

Ciao for now, (to spite my English teacher, who thinks saying ciao is pretentious, but doesn't appreciate the irony)


Back again (again again) ! Sorry, it had to be done... I'm talking about... CHRISTMAS! *dramatic chord*

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Tilly - back in mauve

Currently listening to: 'I put a spell on you', Screamin' Jay Hawkins.

Oh gosh, a very belated CONGRATULATIONS! smiley - doh Really, it wooshed right past me this year, sorry! Well, happy wishes for another year, and "gratulerer med bursdagen"! Hope you had a continuing wonderful day and had lots of fun with your Wicca set smiley - wow (hey, I've been ill for ages, none of your work I hope smiley - winkeye )

Ooh yeah, that's 'Adore me' - when it came a few years back, I remember NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporations) got lots of complaints from parents when they had shown the music video in prime time TV - appearantly it had disturbed a lot of kids. But then again, Bertine Zetlitz got such big pale eyes she even creeps ME out:

Oh, Camden eh! I've gotten lots of commentaries on it when I use it, and now I can look at them with a proud stare and reply "From Camden, you know". I'm really in love with it smiley - biggrin

Well, watch me sign away my education smiley - erm Actually, there'll be a big turnabout in the national school systems next year (a new way of tutoring, some classes gets dropped, etc.) to improve on the stupidity of Norwegian youth - and instead of spending a fortune on professionals, the principal has laid it on my class to make a new school image, ready for next year. We have to spend all our computer time on making a new logo, new brochures, new website, new posters, new commercials... For free, of course. And when we did some math, we realized the job would take about four years... Which is all good and fine, of course, since we only have one and a half year left at our school. Still, it'll mean I won't work with another project as long as I'm at Skedsmo school smiley - blue

...Sorry, just felt like wailing a bit. I feel better now smiley - winkeye

I better go now and continue editing the text for the first brochure. Oh, and appreciate every letter 'o' in this post, as I managed to drop a glass of lemonade over the keyboard last week, and the 'o' is half stuck smiley - silly


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Back again (again again) ! Sorry, it had to be done... I'm talking about... CHRISTMAS! *dramatic chord*

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