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Titles - a little guide

There are certain words I simply can't stand hearing misused, though I wasn't fully aware of it before reading (alright, skimming through) the book 'Instant Karma!', which deals about popular music as a psychological indicator of a society.

Here are some words I hear being misused and generally prostituted almost everyday on TV and in newspapers:

STAR / SUPERSTAR - People got this confused with 'celebrity' and 'famous person'. A star is as high as you can get, you're a performer (I'd like to think) that people regard as outstanding. When you got people plastering their rooms in pictures of you, completely enthralled in the thing you do like no other could, you're a star. Example: Elvis, Michael Jackson. Not: Will Young, Norwegian porn actor Rocco.

IDOL - From my dictionary:
1. a. An image used as an object of worship. b. A false god.
2. One that is adored, often blindly or excessively.
That should put to rest the misuse of the title 'pop idol'. Kurt maybe won World Idol, but I'm quite sure he isn't blindly worshipped or adored world-wide. Get a sense of perspective! Because some sleazy TV-game calls somebody an idol, it ain't necessarily so, 'aight?

LEGEND - I still haven't heard this misused excessively, and thank God for that. I still like to point it out, though, for the people he should happen to read this. Dictionary entry:
1. One that inspires legends or achieves legendary fame.
Here are a correct list of who I've heard been called a legend the last week: John Lennon, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney. Right on all accounts.

Thank you.

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Latest reply: Jul 18, 2004

Cauldron boil and bubble

People that know me formally seldom think I'm romantic, but I am. Foolishly romantic. It's just that I seldom have the opportunity to show it, single as I am. Isch.

But anyway, mix romantic feelings with a healthy dose of folklore and a "what-the-hell" attitude, and you have the reason why I slept with a lot of flowers under my pillow midsummernight. Yes, I did that, honestly. Stop laughing. Because it is said that if one sleeps with seven wildflowers picked the same day on midsummernight, you'll dream about your big Love, future husband, soul mate, whatever floats yer boat. So I actually tried, and do you want to know the outcome?

Well, of course not, but I'm telling anyway. First off, do you know how uncomfortable to sleep with a cloth containing flowers under your pillow? Really, it's quite annoying - I guess that's the rule because it makes you sleep really lousy and that makes you remember your dreams. So let's see, eh?

These are the people I remember dreaming about midsummernight: Tom Cruise, Carson Kressley from 'Queer eye for the straight guy', my Media teacher, Brad Pitt, and two guys from school (one of them I kinda have a crush on).

Man, appearantly I never dream about girls at all. And what a selection! So one of these are going to be my future great Love, eh? Well, I can't stand Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise (wow, two actors from 'Interview with a vampire' - this might be good...), having Carson Kressley as a soul mate might be a bit boring (but hey, I have a thing for gay guys). My media teacher is a really nice guy, but being close to fifty with kids is kinda a turnoff - sorry R. That leaves my two buds from school, one that annoys me and one I have a crush on *fingers crossed*

Now, we'll check back on this list in twenty years and see if my prophecy dream worked out. So if I have changed my name to Tilly Pitt or hangs round with a fashion mogule, I'll tell you smiley - winkeye

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Latest reply: Jun 26, 2004

"I didn't know what I would find there..."

Well, I'm still in a happy, delerious high after seeing Paul McCartney live in concert last night. Yup, THE Paul McCartney. James Paul McCartney. Paul of the Beatles, you know. The Beatles.

This summer I'm about to celebrate the anniversary of ONE year since I let myself surrender to the sweeping power that is Beatles music. Like Don McLean sang:

"Do you believe in Rock'n'roll,
Can music save your mortal soul?"

Yes, I believe it can. Sincerely.

And yesterday I saw one of the pillars of Rock'n'roll eight metres away from me with his trademark Hofner bass, singing the songs that changed music forever, 40 years ago.

So alright, I admit Paul McCartney stopped being an innovative and shocking songwriter many years ago, and he has made some less-than-great career decisions (you'll NEVER hear me call him Macca, unless he displeases me), but still - he's BEYOND having to prove his worth. See all those songs saying Lennon/McCartney? There you go. He wrote about half of those. And they're GREAT.

Only, curse the Norwegians, who are simply unable to have a good time before their past their eight beer. You simply cannot go to a concert and stand with your arms crossed, watching the artist like a dog food commercial. My sister Tine and I wound up in a group of quite dull middle-aged people, but did our best to try to make up for it by screaming like two Beatle-maniacs would have done in the 60s.

If you were at the concert at Valle Hovin, 14th June 2004 and heard enthusiastic screaming and calling out "I love you, Paul!" during 'Got to get you into my life', 'For no one' and ESPECIALLY 'She's a woman', that was me. Love those songs with all my heart. Seventeen years old and a complete loon. And yesterday I heard them performed by the man that actually wrote them - the man I've been swooning to the voice of while listening to Revolver and the like.

I loved it, though I'm quite unable to walking in stairs today, caused by jumping up and down during the WHOLE of 'Helter Skelter' yesterday. But it was worth it.

I'm just so happy I was able to see, right there in front of me, a living, breathing member of one of the greatest influential groups in history. I've missed two already, but finally saw one. Though I doubt I'll be fleeing all over Europe to experience Ringo anytime soon.

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Latest reply: Jun 15, 2004

A chrysantemum would smell as sweet

I just found out my name means "Battle maiden". Huh. How cool isn't that? It's like I jumped straight out of my very own, little Middle Earth.

And just to prove I am indeed a geek, my Elvish (Sindarin) name (according to meaning) would be Dagorven or Authwen. I think I like Authwen best, if I could only get that pronounciation down. And nobody would think I was trying to be an Arwen-wannabe. That hormonial Elvish slut.

Huh, it's been so long since I last flexed my geek-muscles. I'm getting out of practise. Oh no, does this mean I'm getting... normal?

Speaking of names, I've found I have an unknown fixation with names with 'i' in them. Looking at the five main characters in my novel-in-progress (working title "Today me, tomorrow you") all five have 'i' in their first names. Ooh. Spooky, huh?

Nah, I thought not.

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Latest reply: Jun 7, 2004

I want to be Forever Young


One of the greatest revelations of my mature life came to me a couple of minutes ago! Listen up; Cute, sexy Malcolm McDowell from 'A clockwork orange' is the same person as that creepy, snippy Malcolm McDowell in the 'Fantasy Island' TV series.

Sweet Mercy! No!!

You might think me strange (I knew all along that the old man was named Malcolm McDowell, but I never drew that direct line until a few minutes ago), but in my little world, people I admire aren't meant to grow old, you see. Yet they all fail to please me.

McDowell - who was meant to forever be around 30 years old, with nicely chiseled features and fascinating eyes.
Kiefer Sutherland - who should always look like he did in 'Stand by me', or failing that, in 'The lost boys' minus the mullet.
And definately Paul McCartney - who should have been refused to grow beyond the age of 24! (I'm in fact going to his concert in two weeks)

The only case I know of success when good-looking guys grow old must be Al Pacino, who's actually cooler and more attractive in 'The Devil's Advocate' ('97) than in 'The Godfather' ('72). I think he might stop the ageing experiment now, though. Please.

And what a strange coincidence these revelations about age should come to me the same day I started reading 'The picture of Dorian Grey'...

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Latest reply: May 28, 2004

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