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Have you ever pondered such questions as....

"Why is the sky blue? * "
"What makes a satellite stay in orbit? ** "
"What's in chocolate that I'm addicted to? *** "

...but were afraid to ask for fear of looking stupid? ....then this is the place for you. We don't mind at what level the question is asked, just that IT IS ASKED.

Whether you have a background in Science or not, this forum is an open arena for people to ask about Science and continue learning.


We have a team of people from the h2g2 community who have knowledge and experience from many different scientific disciplines and we're all ready and willing to answer your queries. We will do our best to answer in language appropriate to you, in a non-threatening way and where possible, using everyday life references.

Click on this link to view the list of volunteers and their areas of knowledge: SExperts

SExperts might also wish to pose questions to other volunteers.


  • To ask a question, start a new conversation at the bottom of this page and prefix the conversation title with SEx. This way it is much easier to see which thread belongs to the SEx forum in people's Personal Space. Eg' "SEx:Why is the sky blue?"
  • Keep threads on track. Avoid chatting. You can always chat by contacting peoples' Personal Space.
  • SExperts have to be willing to say that they don't know or are not sure and will go and look up an explanation.
  • Despite the name, this forum is not a sex forum. We're looking for questions on everything. By all means ask about sex if you're interested, but keep it to the scientific side of the topic. We're not interested here in jokes about sex, discussions of which is the best position or ranting about how you don't get enough of it! smiley - biggrin

Click on this link to go to Next Einstein where you can discuss ways of engaging kids in science: Next Einstein

Keep up to date with science news by reading KazSorrel's Science Matters in The Post.

Read compilations of the discussions on this Forum in SEx Education in The Post.

Fancy some further reading? Our Sexperts have suggested some good Pop Science books to peruse: Popular Science Books

Have fun and ask away!

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