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You can call me TC

Actually, I think that's where that thought first occurred to me.

What films etc

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paulh. Bunnies are cute (There, I've said it)

smiley - laugh Touche, then.

As a practical matter, I go to movies hoping that even one character will be worth caring about. (I also read books with that hope in mind.) Yes, I acknowledge the important of big social issues, and promoting the public good.

At the same time, movies are not free. I could fall back on watching older movies on DVD or streaming them on my computer, but the world is a certain way at the time a movie opens. I can't keep up with *everything* that's new and trendy, but at least I can see what the moviemakers think is important by going to their new shows.

Even if a movie is set in a prior era ("Once upon a time in Hollywood" is set in 1969), it's going to reflect the insights of 2019. Otherwise, why not just watch some movies that were actually made in 1969? The flmethrower scenes are disturbing (Tarantino is perhaps a bit over the top there? smiley - bigeyes), and yet we don't exactly have a violence-free culture here and now. Is mass murder more common now than it was then?

What films etc

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smiley - laugh

I wasn't really suggesting you wanted that - probably more of an avoid comment really.

I wonder what would have been made of John Wick 2 in the late 80s/early 90s when the Arnie and Stallone action movies were being all criticised for their death counts. A whole Stallone movie has a death count that would only take John Wick a few seconds to achieve.

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paulh. Bunnies are cute (There, I've said it)

I get the sense that the cultures of some *ahem* countries have become inured to violence. Maybe Hollywood's CGI technology has made it too easy to show violence that would have been costlier and bloodier by more conventional means. smiley - sadface

In the 1940s and 1950s, the Three Stooges were criticized for the many pokes in the eyes and bops on the head. The thing is, they choreographed those skillfully so that no one was actually hurt. Eventually, one of the replacements for Curly (or maybe in was Curly himself) urged the other two to go easy ion that stuff. Maybe he was worried that kids would try it and get hurt.

Every so often you hear of a little kid who has fallen out of a high-rise window because he thought he could fly like Superman. I knew a college student who injured himself pretending to be superman: he jumped through an opening in a college lounge, not realizing it was a pane of glass. smiley - bruised

Nowadays, there are violent computer games and websites, in addition to more prevalent violence in movies. Am I surprised that more people are doing mass shootings? No! smiley - cross

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Films & TV historically have to my mind been a bit like cartoons in the amount of punishment someone can receive & bounce back. I wonder if the depth of violence has increased, but has the reaction of the sufferer changed? I rarely watch anything with much violence in as I don't enjoy it.

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paulh. Bunnies are cute (There, I've said it)

I stopped watching television regularly at the end of the 20th Century. Then Youtube came along, and I found I could catch things I had missed without turning it on at all. smiley - smiley

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