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The best sit-coms of all time

Post 21

Gnomon - time to move on

Fawlty Towers
Dinner Ladies
Blackadder (series 2, 3 and 4, not series 1)
The Simpsons
The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin

The best sit-coms of all time

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Seinfeld does seem to have given rise to a lot of other "stand up comedian with his own show" things. For example Everybody Loves Raymond, which is better than Seinfeld by far.

The best sit-coms of all time

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As with the rest "in no particular order"

Sgt Bilko
The Simpsons
As time goes by.
2 point 4 children
Dads Army
Yes Minster
Only Fools and Horses.

The best sit-coms of all time

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In no particular order:-

Dad's Army
Father Ted
'Allo 'Allo
Last of the Summer wine
The Good Life
Maid Marian And Her Merry Men (I agree with Caper Plip, I love this programme.)
One Foot in the Grave
Up pompeii

The best sit-coms of all time

Post 25

FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

drat. i left allo allo and maid marion off my list.

The best sit-coms of all time

Post 26


1. Bless this house
2. The Liver Birds
3. Catweasel
4. George and Mildred
5. Fawlty Towers
6. Some Mothers do 'ave em
7. Butterflies
8. The Likely Lads
9. Hancocks Half Hour
0. Bread

The best sit-coms of all time

Post 27

Mu Beta

Does the Simpsons qualify as a sitcom?
It hardly fits the bill of the 'situation' part of the title, does it?
I have to say, I don't think M*A*S*H* qualifies, either, sadly - as a film adaptation.

Where the ****'s all the Red Dwarf on this thread?

My 10:

1) Fawlty Towers
2) Friends
3) Red Dwarf
4) Frasier
5) Blackadder (all 4)
6) Porridge
7) 'Allo 'Allo
8) Cheers
9) Father Ted
10) Bottom (well, I'm a kid at heart...)


The best sit-coms of all time

Post 28

There is only one thing worse than being Gosho, and that is not being Gosho

Can't put these in a favourite order...

Steptoe and Son
Big Jim and The Figaro Club
Open All Hours
Yes Minister
The Good Life
The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
Only Fools and Horses
Father Ted

I'd put The Royle Family in there, but it's so close to some members of my own family that it doesn't seem like a sitcom, more a documentary smiley - tongueout

The best sit-coms of all time

Post 29

Wejut - Sage of Slightly Odd Occurrences and Owlatron's Australian Thundercat

BLACK BOOKS - by gosh it's funny... Rolling around on the floor laughing... Still laughing... Yep, still laughing....

Black adder
Fawlty Towers
The Young Ones
Absolutely fabulous
I can't remember the name of it, but it was a british sitcom with Indian actors. I never saw the start of it, and I never have a TV guide. But my favourite skit was were the old couple went to the movies, saw Titanic and Laughed out loud...
Everybody loves Raymond.
Anything with Dawn French

smiley - magic

The best sit-coms of all time

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Fawlty Towers
Only Fools and Horses
Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads (too young for the original)
Dads Army
Yes Minister
The League of Gentlemen (if that counts as a sitcom)

In no particular order.

Honourable mentions:
The Good Life
Open All Hours
One Foot in the Grave
Steptoe and Son

The best sit-coms of all time

Post 31

F F Churchton

MY top, whatever I have'nt decided on the number yet

1) Only fools & horses (Trigger's great)
2) Two pints of larger & a packet of Crisps
3) My family
4) My hero
5) I'm Alan Partridge
6) Coupling
7) GImme Gimme Gimme
8) Blackadder (all series)
9) Porridge
10) The Good life
11) Dad's Army
12) One foot in the Grave
13) Red Dwarf
14) Believe Nothing
15) Vicar of Dibley
16) Ab FAb

I think thats enough for now!!!

The best sit-coms of all time

Post 32

F F Churchton

I would like to add knowing me, knowing you with Alan Partridge however thats more of a spoof-chat show!

The best sit-coms of all time

Post 33


Red Dwarf
Black Books
Spaced (what, has no-one else seen it?)
maybe League of Gentlemen but I never really watched it
Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister
sometimes AbFab but I never really watched it

But mostly Blackadder.

(I'm surprised that Friends hasn't made more lists, not that it made mine.)

Gif smiley - geek, moving to Roysten Vasey next week

The best sit-coms of all time

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Spaced is supurb...waiting patiently for series 3 (this is usually the point when someone tells me it was on ages ago and the last episode was last night and I've missed them all and they will never be released on dvd or video and I'm doomed never to see them again)

The Day Today isn't a sitcom but that didn't stop me staying up til stupid a clock on a work night to wet my knickers the other week.

The League of Gentlemen is v funny but I con't watch more than one episode in a month as it creeps me out.

Blackadder and the Goodlife are good but I have to admit that I'm not sure whether I truley find them funny or whether it was just that we had them on video as kids and used to watch them incessently (and learn to quote episodes)

Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister are geat...keep trying to catch the repeats on uk gold as I was too young to get the jokes first time round.

I'm kind of keen on Will and Grace at the moment too, but I'm not sure if it is a passing phase or not.

Red Dwarf is another video one...got done to death a bit but the occasional episode will still make me giggle

hmmm - I really regret spending so much time as a kid/teenager watching videos, it has seriously skewed my perspective

The best sit-coms of all time

Post 35


I always wonder why everyone always pans the 1st series of Blackadder.
In my opinion it's the best - at least on equal terms with Blackadder2 the other two series lost it slightly on these two I though.
I mean, how can you beat the Spanish Infanta or The Witchsmeller Pursuivant?! smiley - laugh

The best sit-coms of all time

Post 36

Tilly - back in mauve

Er, just at the moment, my list would look something like this:

2) Frasier
3) The Simpsons
4) M*A*S*H
5) Will & Grace

smiley - biggrin

The best sit-coms of all time

Post 37

Mu Beta

How on Earth did I miss Only Fools & Horses off my list - insert at No. 1, please.

I might try collating these in a minute.


The best sit-coms of all time

Post 38

Mu Beta

Done it! Find the compiled list at A824681


The best sit-coms of all time

Post 39

Dr E Vibenstein (You know it is, it really is.)

Hang on, I haven't decided on mine yet! smiley - run

The best sit-coms of all time

Post 40

Tonsil Revenge (PG)

1. The George Gobel Show
2. The Burns and Allen Show
3. Barney Miller
4. Green Acres
5. The Dick Van Dyke show
6. Waiting For God
7. Yes, Minister
8. Magnum, PI
9. Colombo
10. The Young Ones

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