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The worst Song Ever?

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'Imagine' may be insipid, but it's hardly the _worst_ song ever

'Run For Your Life' may be the worst thing Lennon penned. Even he hated it.

Some of the smiley - bleep from the 70's was really, really awful:

eg, The Byrd's 'The Chestnut Mare' smiley - pony --

"I'm gonna catch that horse if I can
An' when I do I'll give Her my brand
An' we'll be friends for life
She'll be just like a Wife
I'm gonna catch that horse if I can"

smiley - rolleyes

But there are worse

Most rap 'music', (the term 'music' used in the loosest possible definition), favoured as cruising accompaniment by motoring moronic youth, possibly for the general annoyance of its irritating over-driven bass, is simply unmusical in performance and usually absolutely disgusting in content

smiley - yuk

The worst Song Ever?

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I'd forgotten "Run For Your Life". smiley - yuk Did you ever hear "Love Is Like A Cigarette"?

The worst Song Ever?

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I've mostly managed to avoid K. D. Lang

smiley - ill

The worst Song Ever?

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I've never heard the KD Lang version. I had a mad friend with a collection of 78s. He had what I presume was the original version of the song. Can't remember the singer.

He also had Rudy Vallee singing "Outside", one of the most cynical lyrics you could wish for. smiley - erm

The worst Song Ever?

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It is only because I love Lennon so much that I feel I must say that I too can't bear 'Imagine'. It's no 'Instant Karma', is it? And I also think hailing it as a classic is a sort of shorthand for people who don't really like music but want to acknowledge that Lennon was important by applauding his most dreary song.

Still, it's not Lennon's worst by a long shot. I think the well-meant 'Luck of the Irish', which looks ahead (from the 1970s) to a day when Anglo-Irish relations can be peaceful, and we can 'walk over rainbows like leprechauns' and 'the world would be one big Blarney stone' has got to be a contender.

I must admit to being partly motivated by the fact that I adore McCartney (for better and for worse) and am tired of people going on about the Frog Chorus. It was *meant* to be a song for children!

The worst Song Ever?

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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

I heard some tracks on the radio today from McCartney's album - I think it's called The Firemen. I really was surprised at how much I liked it - there were some really interesting ideas, I might even buy it just to hear what sounds like McCartney getting back to some really original stuff.

They played one track that sounded almost like a heavy metal band from the 70s, and another softer track that had some really interesting stuff happening. It Made me wonder what else was on the album. smiley - biggrin

The worst Song Ever?

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loonycat - run out of fizz

'Saturday night' by Whigfield I hate with a passion! It still turns up at parties now smiley - grr

And smiley - ta for reminding me about the Chestnut Mare Taliesin smiley - winkeye

The worst Song Ever?

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Edward the Bonobo - Gone.

>>The Firemen.... I might even buy it

What is this 'buy' of which you speak? smiley - piratesmiley - whistle

The worst Song Ever?

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badger party tony party green party

"It's been 7 hours and 15 days"

Well it hasnt but its felt like that since Ive been trying to compose a measured and well manered to what Taliesin wrote about rap music.

I love Hip-hop it is the last great art form of the twentieth century and while it has as amny tracks which jar on the ear as jazz it also has as many illinformed detractors too. Most importantly the produc of Carribean Toasting and European Experimental Electronic Music born in New Yark is also as profound and influencial as its New Orleans counterpart.

I'll restrict my self to admitting that Tal is probably correct in his observations about the rap music he's heard and invite people to another thread to explore and contribute examples of why hip-hop is actually fantastic.

smiley - rainbow

The worst Song Ever?

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>>last great art form of the twentieth century

Say what? So nothing great has happened in art since the mid 70s?

The worst Song Ever?

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badger party tony party green party

http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/brunel/F19585?thread=6125611&post=72650544#p72650544 You could tell me then Chris.

The worst Song Ever?

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I love hip-hop too blicky, I've done a bit of scratching in the past and hope to start again soon. I just don't for a minute think that good musical innovation ended there, which is what you were seeming to say.

The worst Song Ever?

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Last great art of the 20th century? You are mistaken sir, and there are some computer games that you need to play.

The worst Song Ever?

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Hi blicky smiley - smiley

Note that my earlier comment referred specifically to the variety of so-called rap music favoured by pseudo-gangsta youth, who appear to maliciously employ said 'music' in a conscious attempt to create public nuisance/annoyance, primarily by cranking the subsonic bass to absurd levels*, but also not infrequently by means of the hateful, usually misogynist lyrics.smiley - yuk

Whilst hip-hop is not necessarily to my taste, I also don't have anything particularly bad to say about it, and I may actually have enjoyed hearing some. smiley - ok

Your claim that hip-hop is the 'last great art form of the twentieth century' seems a bit hyperbolic, though... smiley - tongueout

*New car warranties can be voided by installation of high-powered after-market sub-woofer auto sound systems...

The worst Song Ever?

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I bought a second hand car recently. The previous owner, being a bit of a kev (but a loaded one), had installed some rather significant bass and an expensive radio. I must confess that I intend to cause some high volume terror on the roads as soon as I figure out how the damn thing works.

Perhaps this thread will help me. At the moment I am thinking Aphrodite's Child.

The worst Song Ever?

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Oops the Destroyer - not actually evil just very clumsy

Unfortunately I'm at an age now where a new "worst song ever" seems to come on the radio every other week but even trying to be objective about it there was that awful Umbrella song earlier this year that must take some beating.

I think McCartney's worst song was Magneto & Titanium Man, not the worst song ever written maybe but quite possibly the worst song ever written by a bona fide musical genius

The worst Song Ever?

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Bassman - Funny how people never ceases to amaze me!


You seem to be a guy with a fairly profound understanding and knowledge of some of the types of music I know absolutely nothing about.

I can't believe R&B is still R&B, it's so different these days. I'm not saying you're not right, it's just my ears won't let me think they're the same! So how would one of the more modern acts get classed against some of the greats of yesteryear? It seems to me like the styles are so different, they are hardly the same thing.

Bassman smiley - bikersmiley - cool

The worst Song Ever?

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Nothing I REPEAT NOTHING can be worst than D'ZRTsmiley - wah.It was a portuguese pop band created by a teens show...
Go on, type it on youtube if you dare...

The worst Song Ever?

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I must say the theme tune for Married With Children is horrendous. I can´t believe it´s actually Sinatra singing that one.

The worst Song Ever?

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To re-open the debate.. a truly hideous song, first used as backing music to one of those ephemeral perfume adverts that spring up like a rash in November and which are forgotten after Christmas, was by a French group, Stereo Total, sung in broken English punctuated by whistling noises, called "I love you - oh no".

Oh no indeed. This particular ear-worm lodged and could not be shaken. i thought I'd heard the last of it.

And then two comediennes called Katy Wix and Anna Crilly adopted it as theme tune to an otherwise not bad comedy show - maliciously and sadistically - and the whole nightmare began again...

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