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Is This The worst Song Ever?

Post 481

Yael Smith

"What about Mr. Bombastic" meant as the worst song ever....

Is This The worst Song Ever?

Post 482


Achin' Breakin' Heart...

The worst Song Ever?

Post 483

Thor of Asgard

Tennessee Christmas

The worst Song Ever?

Post 484


3 times this week I've had to leave shops that were playing 'All I want for Christmas' by Maria Carey smiley - groansmiley - run

The worst Song Ever?

Post 485

The Groob

I'm right behind you.


Roy Wood and Wizzard.

Oh how do the shops think of such original playlists year after year? (sarcasm)

I know the Noddie Holder doesn't like the way his song is used. He maintains that it is a song that should be played on Christmas Day only, just as the family is opening its presents.

Is This The worst Song Ever?

Post 486

Bassman - Funny how people never ceases to amaze me!

That song they had him and Andy sing at the end of the show was absolute PANTS - AND - Andy's version was better, I think it suited his voice more.

I didn't see the whole of the series, but I would have loved to see Andy do a decent Seal number, Crazy or Future Love Paradise.

Please be wrong about Chico

Bassman smiley - coolsmiley - biker

Is This The worst Song Ever?

Post 487

A. Honeybadger

I think we'll find "It's Chico Time" will be in the shops sometime in the New Year, since he was banned from releasing it as a Christmas single in competition with the X Factor winner.

Part of the conditions imposed on all the contestants, I think, is that they would be contractually bound to the production company's rules about what recording deals they would be able to make following appearances on the show.

Never mind, Bassman - you won't have to wait for it too much longer. smiley - evilgrin

smiley - rofl

I agree with you about Andy - I think he would have made a good job of a Seal number, too. The only up-tempo song I heard him do was "Easy Lover", and it was a bit of a disaster. Mind you, I didn't see them all either, so I'm not sure whether he did any other 'contemporary' songs or stuck to Nat 'King' Cole covers the rest of the time.

And apologies to all for hijacking this thread to discuss X Factor ... smiley - blush

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 488


Guru Roghan Josh said in posting 444,

Paul McCartney did an album track called "Don't go chasing waterfalls" and I've always assumed that the TLC song was a sort of cover.

Yes, Paul M wrote Waterfalls and the TLC version is a "Cover" despite the fact they changed some of the words. the tune is quite similar though.

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 489


Blame Sting. he wrote it, he gets the royalties regardless of how the song is buggered about with and he has final say about how ppl mash his songs about.

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 490


sadly chico has a single out shockingly called it's chico time.
milli vanilli had more talent than him and they didn't even sing their own songs.
Or young robert van winkle (thats vanilla ice to those who dont know him). he was rubbish, too white to be hip.

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 491

the_jon_m - bluesman of the parish

I heard a very bad version of Dancing Queen that had a failed harmony between a tuneless bass singing man and a tuneless high pitched woman.

It was dire

Also adds James Blunt's "you're beautiful" which is kinda like a rat doing a David Gray impression

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 492


If we were allowed bad covers the list would be endless - I think I've got used to every half-decent song I've ever like being butchered at some point.

Got to agree on James Blunt and like the description. smiley - ok

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 493


While I dislike You're Beautiful, I don't mind James Blunt, I quite like a couple of the songs on the album.

I just wish Chico would go away and die, it'd save me the hassle of making elaborate plans to destroy him. Worst song at the moment though has to be Westlife's Amazing. It's so bad I actually laugh at it.

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 494


Of course, this thread began in a happier, more innocent pre-Blunt era and needs to be reassessed accordingly.

You have to admire the follow-up to 'You're Beautiful' though, with the memorable 'I know you well/I know your smell' couplet.

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 495

The Groob

Hopefully 'Chico time' will be the time that Andy Warhol talked about. smiley - ok

I had to sit through two tracks from a Shania Twain album this morning. Not a pleasant experience. Been in a bad mood all day.

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 496

the_jon_m - bluesman of the parish

does anybody remember that Vanilla song back in the hedy days of Girl Power ?

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 497


how about Shampoo - we're in trouble.

how right they were, for the rest of us, sadly.

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 498

Mr. Dreadful - But really I'm not actually your friend, but I am...

Vanilla... yes I remember the song... No way, no way! Muhnuh muhnuh... ugh...

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 499

Ford_Prefect "I reject your reality and substitute my own!"Apocalypse 2006 REPRESENT!

UG! "Crazy" is THE most HORRID song on the face of the planet that needs to fall off and die in a big firey car crash!!!!

have a nice day :P

fordsmiley - cheers

The worst Song Ever - my vote

Post 500


There was disco train wreck of a song I recall as, Love to Love you Baby, and in the end this singer was made to make every nuance of what could be construed as an orgasm. Fat too many drugs in the 1970's

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