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This Week:

A Knight, A Chess Sandwich, Hollywood Chess,

plus two informative ones

The Flicker by Analiese

'One time Analiese was walking down the sidewalk towards the interstate in Las Vegas, Nevada when she chanced to spy a knight or somebody like that in shining armor mounted on a pure white charger, or maybe it was gray. Analiese doesn't remember exactly, but she does remember the knight, or king rather, because she met none other than King Arthur...'

Nuclear Chess by Researcher 188125

'The true nuances of the game were only truly understood by two people, probably in the Czech Republic. The only other to try was declared a gibbering wreck on move three. Nonetheless, as one of the original two, I shall try to encapsulate a few of the possibilities here while I still can.'

Faking Chess by Sir Fragalot

How to play Chess like they do on the silver screen, moving in and out of check, bantering over some other topic, etc. '...At this stage, one actor will furiously contemplate the board, completely failing to look very intelligent.'

Unarmed Shark Combatsmiley - smiley - by Brent

A helpful and informative entry on how to survive unarmed shark combat, namely by avoiding contact with them in the first place. Unfortunately, none of the tips here will save you if you come across a shark which does have arms.

SoccerJogTM - Fitness training for the easily bored by Is mise Duncan

Think of this as value-added running. If you're a futbol player, this exercise will build essential skills. If you get bored with jogging, this may be just the thing to spice up an otherwise dull routine.

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