A Conversation for The Mother of All Gooses

Gingerbread House

Post 161

Three Blind Mice

*the mice, who entered behind the Farmer's Wife, have laid the glock down on the floor at their feet*

smiley - mouse1: I smell magic.
smiley - esuom2: I smell STRONG magic.
smiley - mouse3: Let's not move. Remember the last time we got turned into horses?

Gingerbread House

Post 162

Humpty Dumpty (and Chicken Little, his chicken)

*Turns into a pumpkin*

Drat! I just got out of my shell, and now I'm back into it. Only this one smells, um, like food.

Gingerbread House

Post 163

Pansy Ffing

*Pansy mumbles to herself*

smiley - spaceThat's twice I've asked Miss Deedes if I can make an offer on the cottage and twice she's ignored me. What can you expect from one so badly dressed? Unless...

*she looks down at B4's loafers*

smiley - space... unless these have made me invisible? What fun I could have!

*looks at the pumpkin with a glint in her eye*

Gingerbread House

Post 164

Henrietta 'Fowl' Deedes

*as the orange light fades, the audience members find themselves back in their seats, the cast members stay still while the stage lights fade and the curtains close*

*Henretta moves quickly to the wings* Intermission! I could murder a cup of tea. *she pushes past the stagehands to get backstage*

603?thread=60307682/thread/232283" >F107682?thread=232283&latest=1

*the house lights come up and the members of the audience struggle to remove their VR equipment*

632?thread=63207682/thread/232284" >F107682?thread=232284&latest=1

Gingerbread House

Post 165

Purr in Boots

smiley - cat
**As there's no answer from Thistle Howl, whom he'd thought was under the tree, Purr stands and shrugs his shoulders.**

[Purr] Perrhaps sshe has alrready ffound her way to the Backsstage interrmission...?

**He orients himself on the set, then disappears out into the wings and ambles toward the break area.**
smiley - cat

Gingerbread House

Post 166

Purr in Boots

smiley - cat
**The large man-sized feline--once again wearing his jerkin, breeches, boots, and cap--sways into view at stage left. Evidently, the Glennfiddich has settled in and is doing its part to lend a gentle glow to his thoughts. He mumbles and rambles...**

[Purr] Tape marrk... Tapemarrk...! Meowyess, therre it issss...

**He situates himself in the appropriate position, flaps his arms to limber up, rolls his head and neck to work out some kinks, then pulls his shoulders back to stand erect. He is ready. Aside from the slight swaying, he seems fit to tackle the next act.**
smiley - cat

Gingerbread House

Post 167

Little Miss Muffet (featuring Gladys the Spider)

*Miss Muffet enters the main room of the cottage from the Back Passage, bringing the broom with her*

You're on the wrong set, squire. They've finished the VR. The final act is back on the stage F107682?thread=233519&latest=1.

*starts sweeping around the wreckage of the tree*

Gingerbread House

Post 168

The Swan

*is rather harshly awakened by a brush being swept under the table where he has dozed off*

smiley - yikes

smiley - run

Gingerbread House

Post 169

Purr in Boots

smiley - cat
[Purr] smiley - huh Yeou mean to tell meow the prroduction is about to rreach itss ffinale and Ai am on the WRRONG SSET!?!?

**He whirls dramatically, coattails flying (too bad the Audience missed the effect), lithely swings open the door of the Cottage (shame the Audience doesn't note his graceful movements), and hastily bounds back to the Stage with a swiftness unparalleled by any other feline (which he KNOWS the Audience would be in awe of if they had but seen it).**

[exuent Purr]
smiley - cat
smiley - run

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