30 Hours in Hooverville: A Novel Experiment

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30 Hours in Hooverville: A Novel Experiment (Preview)

30 Hours in Hooverville, Hooverville as seen from beside the jewellery store clock

The 2019 Post NaJoPoMo project will be a group experiment in novel-writing, a chapter at a time. The title: '30 Hours in Hooverville'. The project is described below.

  • Each participant will play one (1), and only one (1) character.
  • Each participant will write not fewer than 300, and absolutely not more than 1000 words in their daily post. Each post will describe what their character is doing in Hooverville at the particular hour designated by the day of the month we're on at the time. For example, the story will begin at midnight in Hooverville, so 1 November will take place between midnight and 1 am.
  • Each day, the gamemaster (Post Editor) will post one Happening in Hooverville. For example, the clock may strike the correct time. Or the incorrect time. Or a giant bird may steal the mayor's toupee. Whatever. Your characters may or may not react to this information. It's up to them. In fact, everything they do is up to them.
  • You may not move anybody else's character around. You may observe them. You may make a play date with another participant to have a conversation, and post that conversation in the thread for that day. It's up to you.
  • As all of our writers are differently mentated, this must be said: you may not contradict another writer's personal reality, just as they may not contradict yours. For instance, if one writer's character is talking to space aliens, and your character, as is their right, doesn't believe in them, you may not write that the other writer's character is certifiably insane. In Hooverville, as in RL, multiple realities are possible.

What will we end up with? Who knows? Maybe a formula for peace, love, and understanding. Also, possibly, a virtual riot. Let the games begin! Sign up to be assigned a character (Post Editor's choice in order to make this fair. The Post Editor knows you people and promises not to give you anything you'd really hate.)


The Town of Hooverville

  1. Town Hall
  2. First Church of Nighthoover
  3. Waffelhaus
  4. Fire House
  5. Police station
  6. River Pirates' Inn
  7. Nose'n'Book Book Shop and Emporium
  8. No-Bull House China Shop
  9. Office of the Hooverville Honker
  10. Post Office

For more locations, use this map from the Library of Congress and your imagination.

Map of area:

The Town of Hooverville

For the directionally challenged (like the Editor): North is 'up' on both maps.

Hooverville Cast List

The list of characters can be found here Join them as they spend a day and some in the magical town.

Ramblin' Rhodes by FWRWaffelhaus by TavaronWlad the Organ Player by DG
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