30 Hours in Hooverville: Dramatis Personae 2019

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30 Hours in Hooverville: Dramatis Personae 2019

The clock shows 30 hours in Hooverville

The following characters will be representing their points of view in the Hooverville saga:

  • Hermione Schmidt (Minorvogonpoet), the lady mayoress of Hooverville. Her office is in City Hall, but she is also peripatetic. For longer trips, she uses the highly distinctive official vehicle (your choice).
  • Sandy Beeches (Elektra Gheorgheni), pastor of the First Church of Nighthoover. Hates staying indoors, especially when the organist is playing.
  • Arsenio Philpott (Paulh), proprietor of the No-Bull House, a specialty china emporium on Main Street between City Hall and the First Church of Nighthoover.
  • Wladislaw Winzekowski (Dmitri Gheorgheni) , mad organist at the First Church of Nighthoover. Given to night concerts, but also plays for tea dances at the River Pirates' Inn.
  • Ramblin' Rhodes (Freewayriding), the mysterious biker. (Rooms to let at the River Pirates' Inn, or he can park his RV down by the river.)
  • Wilhelmina Schreckenghast (Tavaron da Quirm), proprietor of the Waffelhaus CafĂ©. She has mad skills with waffles and pot plants.
  • Lola Latour (Superfrenchie), owner of the Nose'n'Book Used Book and Tchotchke Emporium, next door to the No-Bull House china shop. She has very good taste.
  • Fred Ireland the Fifth (Caiman Raptor Elk), the fireman. He operates the siren, which vies with the Nighthoover church organ for loudest sound in town.
  • Sheriff Rowdybush (SashaQ), in charge of police matters in Hooverville. There's not much crime here, but the jail is really impressive.
  • Wynken De Woordesmyth (Willem), chief ranger at the Misty Mountains State Park. In charge of wildlife (and wild people) management. Also collects boat fees and manages river use.


The Town of Hooverville

  1. Town Hall
  2. First Church of Nighthoover
  3. Waffelhaus
  4. Fire House
  5. Police station
  6. River Pirates' Inn
  7. Nose'n'Book Book Shop and Emporium
  8. No-Bull House
  9. Office of the Hooverville Honker
  10. Post Office

For more locations, use this map from the Library of Congress and your imagination.

Map of area:

The Town of Hooverville

For the directionally challenged (like the Editor): North is 'up' on both maps.

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