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Posted: 14th October 2019

Everything is interesting, and
everything alive is endearing.

Megan with Barred Owl Friend by Dmitri Gheorgheni This woman is Megan. She drove a considerable distance to our town one day in a van that included a hinky sound system, a couple of leopard kittens, a hyperactive mandrill, a cheery porcupine, a large boa constrictor, and a few other assorted non-natives of Pennsylvania. She was kind enough to show these to us and let us take pictures. You can see a few of them (and watch the video) in this issue, which is all about things we don't always appreciate. Like Willem's vulture. Vultures are among the most incredible useful creatures in our biosphere and deserve more love.

Speaking of things that deserve love, Paigetheoracle…sent us these fungi from the Highlands. (He claims it's damp where he is.) We've dubbed this photoessay a 'Factoid Fred special'. Factoid Fred is Suzie Q's better-informed cousin. Fred specialises in random drive-by information. You're going to enjoy this, and it's useful stuff, too. You will know what not to put on your pizza.
Sign on the Venus, PA, post office
Boy, do we have video for you. Chopin at the disco. Antique cars galore. A spooky lightning storm, just in time for Halloween…speaking of Halloween, Paigetheoracle is ready. It must be all that Highland air.

The black-and-white photographers have outdone themselves. You'll chuckle, nod, and ooh-and-aah. So do that.

We've been out on the roads: British roads, American roads, Chinese roads. You'll see the evidence. Fortunately, nobody got arrested.

There's humour. There are picture stories. Desideria's hostess learns some positive economic news. There is discussion of dinosaur politics. There are laughs aplenty. And just when you think we're sillier than squirrels on fermented mulberries, we surprise you by writing actual words that make actual sense. Sometimes.
Case Tractor
That award-winning antique tractor is currently adorning the back of the Post Office. That's until the owners can get back with the trailer to return it to its home in the barn. Nicola Tesla Hoggett is justly proud of his second trophy – and his driving skills. He drove the tractor all the way down Main Street to get here, causing smiles and waves. Every kid on our block is envious.

Nature and humans: of local relevance, of global importance. Despise not the day of small things. On the contrary: take pictures. We will put them in the Post. Go out and find more Stuff! And have a great week!

Special Invite:
30 Hours in Hooverville by Freewayriding
If you are interested in joining the Post NaJoPoMo fiction-writing project, '30 Hours in Hooverville', see the Post Editor for character assignment and awkward explanations. You have other journal plans? No worries! The NaJoPoMo journals will continue site-wide during November. For more on Hooverville, see this issue.

Have a great week, all of you.

Quote of the Week: Oh, look, Dmitri! You have to be this tall [points to sign] to ride the Ferris wheel. That's okay: if you're only up to the yellow line, you can ride with a responsible adult.

Mrs Hoggett to Post Editor

Create October 2019 by Freewayriding
October Create Challenge:
Is a Change as Good as a Rest?

Dmitri Gheorgheni




Jax in Garage by FWR


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