October 2019 Create Challenge: Is a Change as Good as a Rest?

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October 2019 Create Challenge: Is a Change as Good as a Rest?

October Create Challenge by FWR

We all face changes in our lives. Some are small, like discovering a place you didn't know existed, but others are life changing, like getting married. Some people relish change, because they get bored with the same old things and want to move on. Others dread change and feel comfortable with the familiar. Which are you?

Tell us about changes in your life and how you coped with them.

Do you remember changing school? Did you meet new friends, or find the teachers too demanding?

Were the early days in that new job an exciting challenge or did things go badly wrong?

When you moved house1, did you find a flood on the floor, or meet the love of your life?

Have you recently retired? Was this the beginning of an exciting new chapter, or are you sitting in a chair gazing out at the garden?

Send us stories, poems and photos, or write an Edited Guide article about your new occupation or the new place you have discovered.


1Note for Americans: Moved. You didn't have to take the house with you.

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