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Posted: 4th November 2019

Remember November

A Funny House by Paigetheoracle Paigetheoracle sent this photo, which he invites you to caption (see below). He's still discovering wonderful new things up in Scotland. We haven't heard much from him in the last week, because he's moving. You can read about this, too, because Paige has gone all posh on us and is moving into a named house. This sort of thing has us agog, because we are easily impressed. The place has a history, which Paige has shared with us. You're going to enjoy this issue. It has lots of surprises like that in it.

Our contributors have really been keeping their eyes and ears open. You're going to find out:

  • What makes an Egyptian vulture special.
  • Why Galaxy Babe is suspicious of mushrooms.
  • What a dragonfly looks like when it isn't flying.
  • How much is in a 'lagom'? (Thanks, Milla!).

Bluebottle's getting ready for Bonfire Night with great pics. Over in Russia, Solnushka's been to Tchaikovsky's house and has the photo to prove it. We wonder what Tchaikovsky would say about SashaQ's Romantic Disco videos. We suspect he'd like them. I have a railroad video. We also bring you writing tips, humour, ongoing stories, and cinema. Awix reminisces about a great movie for you this week. At least, he says it's a great movie. That's his story, and he's sticking to it. Find out what he thinks of the sequel.

There's even a Vogon poem! Stop groaning, you know you like them.

The black-and-white challenge yields fascinating and artistic results this week. You might notice a theme...and figure out who wasn't on the same frequency. Add your two cents to the architectural discussion.

NaJoPoMo has begun. Check the photo links below to read your favourites. Drop in on Hooverville, and see how the action/inaction/snark/mayhem is progressing. As of press time, one has unpacked china, another has read a bedtime story, yet another has written a bedtime story, nature is rampant and so is the fireman's moustache, and everybody's glad the organist has quit for the night. There's something for everyone in this ongoing saga.

Enjoy what you're doing. Remember to take breaks, and keep hydrated, as my doctor reminded me. Stay safe and healthy out there!

30 Hours in Hooverville by Freewayriding
Here is where you will find the Post NaJoPoMo fiction-writing project, '30 Hours in Hooverville'. You are welcome to kibitz and heckle the players. Join us for, if not heart-stopping action, at least some fun snark in this imaginary (and highly imaginative) town.

Quote of the Week:  Aahh, I can't tell you folks anything! You're really up on your Diplodoci!


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Dmitri Gheorgheni




Abandoned Store, Venus
Abandoned Store, Venus by Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Video
  • Level crossing ahead.

Yankee Pier (Scotland)
Yankee Pier by Paigetheoracle
30 Hours in Hooverville: The Cast
'Downtown' Hooverville by DG and the Library of Congress
  • Soundie
  • Capriccio Italien, disco version.

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