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Posted: 6th August 2018

Look Up, Look Down, Look Around

Hummingbird in Late Sunshine by Dmitri GheorgheniNo matter where you look – and where on the planet you're standing – the view will surprise you. How do we know? Because this week, Researchers from all over the place have been looking, and taking pictures, and telling us astounding things. And now you get to enjoy them, too. Feel privileged. I do, every time those hummingbirds flit over in my direction, stop and hover, and hum 'hi!' at me. Also when I finally manage to catch the next-door neighbour's groundhog out for a visit. We have lovely things to share this week, so let's get to them. Summer's being good to us.
A very tall aloe plant

  • Now, I said 'summer', but where Willem is in South Africa, it's winter. That doesn't mean what it would for those of us in the north temperate zone. Instead of snow and ice, Willem has exciting plants to look at. So he took a trip to the Makgeng region, camera in hand, and came back with this stunning photo essay. You don't want to miss this. We also understand he's been selling paintings at his latest exhibition. Way to go, Willem, and remember: you saw them here first!
  • SashaQ is still experimenting with cameras and flowers. You're going to like the results, and maybe learn something.
  • Your roving Editor has been pointing the camera around the Pennsylvania town- and countryside. Admire the groundhog: he's shy, but I finally captured his picture, along with some flowers and the hummingbirds and stuffz.
  • The sky above Planet Earth is also photogenic. The other night, Sho stepped out of an Ed Sheeran concert, looked up, and snapped the ISS flying by. There are people in that lighted dot, wow.
  • Speaking of lighted dots: you definitely want to try out the video quiz. Once you've nailed that one, do the other two. Art and diplomacy are on the agenda this week.
The adventures never stop:
  • Bluebottle's found out the secret of Isle of Wight road safety: squirrel-operated cameras.
  • Freewayriding reaches back into his travel album to share a curious incident in Florida. We think he was triggered by the recent UK weather and a discussion of 'Deliverance'….
  • bobstafford has a reminiscence for us, too: this story takes us all the way back to the Second World War and involves airplanes.
  • Paigetheoracle explains about arachnophobia, and then tickles your funnybone with a very punny story.

Of course we have humour, and cartoons, and cinema action, and more useless writing advice, and a musical weather video. We cater to all tastes, whether they want us to or not.

Please keep the Create theme in mind: even if, like Paulh, you think your activities aren't that noteworthy, somebody on the other side of the world might find them more interesting than you think. Keep your eyes open and your cameras ready.

And have a great week out there!

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