Writing Right with Dmitri Challenge: Writing a Plot That is More Plausible Than Real Life Right Now

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Writing Right with Dmitri Challenge: Writing a Plot That is More Plausible Than Real Life Right Now

Editor at work.

  1. It isn't too hard. Nobody would believe this stuff if you called it fiction, anyway.
  2. Pick a segment of the human population. Figure out what that segment thinks it's doing by contributing to the current madness. You can pick only one at a time. The reason for this is that no two segments of the population currently agree on any aspect of reality.
  3. Write a story based on the premise that the assumptions of your chosen demographic are correct. The result will be either science fiction or fantasy.
  4. Go back and change all the names and places. You're not worried about protecting the innocent. Only about avoiding lawsuits.
  5. Sit back and enjoy the praise of the demographic group you chose. Expect all the others to heap abuse upon you.

I've been sitting here all day trying to exercise independent thought and get another issue of the h2g2 Post ready. In vain. People on Twitter keep yelling things like 'the sky is falling!' and 'they should all be arrested!'

Try my scheme. Here are some suggested demographics:

  • Flat Earthers.
  • Scientologists. (On second thought, not them. The plot to their scriptures may be copyrighted.)
  • People who believe life was better in 1940. (Choose your geography carefully.)
  • Climate change deniers. (The climate change prophets have already written their masterpieces, and you can't really beat Soylent Green.)
  • Young Earth creationists. (Neither Jimmy Carter nor I belong to this group as we know who Bishop Ussher was and where he got those numbers from.)
  • Liberals who believe that Russia is secretly running the United States by means of computer hacking and/or the collection of komprimat on public figures. (That could be fun to write…)
  • People who write, direct, or watch 'reality tv'. They obviously have a unique take on 'reality'.
  • Make up your own.

There's really only one way to cope with the multidimensionality of the metanarrative, as that lunatic on Twitter called it. If you can't beat 'em, write for 'em.

Let's see what you've got.

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