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Summer Farm News

A farm in Pennsylvania

That's not the Hoggett place. It's just another farm in western Pennsylvania, seen from the road. Looks peaceful, though a lot of work must be going on. Summer can be a busy time: it's growing season, and everybody wants to do everything they can't do when it's snowing. Which it was, this year, until the middle of May. You can imagine how much we're enjoying the sunshine and flowers and green everywhere.

Which doesn't keep these Yankees from complaining about how hot it is when the temperature reaches a mere 86°F/30°C. Which is how I like my swimming weather, personally. The pool is perfect this time of year.

Here are a few more pictures of the season from out at Hoggetts'.

The lilies are stunning this year.
And yes, they line up decoratively in front of the pickup.

LiliesTJ's dad on the farm
More of those gorgeous red lilies.
This is Tom the Cat. He's TJ's pop.
He's a real sweetie,
but a lot shyer than his offspring.

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