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Posted: 15th January 2018

The Winter Winds Blow…

…and we shall have snow.
Trees in the snow I've just noticed that the church has called off the business meeting for tonight. That means the snow isn't stopping. The scrape-and-salt truck has been round several times in the last hour. At least it's warmer than yesterday: -1C as opposed to -15C. We'll take what we can get. So, what's the weather like in your neck of the woods? Willem was talking possible heat wave. . .

The Post Team is hunkering down. Molly is hiding her head so she doesn't have to look out the window. Lola has been Out, but much prefers In. A blankie and a stuffed toy, and indoors were paradise enow…

What's that? You're complaining because I referred to Lola the Doglet and Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty as part of the Post Team? Who do you think organises this 'zine every week, anyway? Oh, sure: there used to be humans. But those humans had emergencies. So the Editor is grateful for:
  • Helpful meows and barks, and
  • All the cool Stuff that shows up in the inbox.
Lola avoiding the outdoors
Could the Post use some help? Why, since you ask…yes. Warning, though: such labour would require learning things like GuideML and resizing photos and such. It might be a tad tedious – not that the Post Editor finds these things tedious, because the Post Editor is easily amused, but that this fact was stated pointedly by the last volunteer who failed to hang around long enough to do much actual work. Volunteering takes up valuable time, too, possibly as much as five whole hours per week you could otherwise have spent gaming or watching kitten videos. But if you're looking for a New Year's resolution to replace the one about joining the French Foreign Legion, why sure…you know our address: postteamhg-at-gmail-dot-com.

In the meantime, here is the issue that Lola, Molly, and I have assembled from the bounty of excellent contributions we received from our h2g2 writers.
    Snowy hedge
  • We have birds! Oh, sure, you say, we always have birds. Willem knows all about birds. But this week, we have more birds. Birds from photographers who don't know the Linnaean classification. Photographers who send me pictures labelled 'cute ducky'. And yes, Sasha, that ducky is way cute – but that buzzard is Da Bomb! You're going to enjoy our wildlife and nature photos.
  • Speaking of nature and photography, FWR has some…okay, unnatural photography. He's got another X-File this week: now the other camera is haunted. What gives? Also, there was this supermoon that Mulder and Scully really need to take a look at. And then I come along with a dog and some pumpkins. Help caption, please, and just relax and enjoy the weirdness.
  • You want travel photos? Milla was in Cyprus and took some wonderful pics. You want to channel your inner shipwright? Deek has been working in the Canoe Factory. Feast your eyes and learn things.
  • FWR was inspired by last week's Twitter mermaid. Behold this week: the first in an ongoing saga entitled 'Spreading the Love: A Fishy Tail'. You will be edified and tickled. Totally by accident, Nigel is also involved with mermaid lore. His painting leaves much to be desired.
  • I have committed poetry. Or at least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. One inspiration was the Tractor Trophy on the Hoggett mantelpiece. I told you the Post was going high-toned.
  • Molly hiding her eyes
  • We also have quizzes. And humour. And more useless advice for you. And a movie that Awix calls 'a classy piece of entertainment' (and thus, not at all what the rest of this issue is like). Read, comment, think of more Stuff to send. The interwebs cry out for this sort of material. It distracts from the politics and snow.

Wherever you go this week, take your mobiles along. Snap photos. Send them to us. Record your impressions. Smile at strangers: it unnerves them. Don't worry about the winter. As Julian of Norwich says, 'All shall be well again.' And have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni




  • Supermoon by FWR
  • Watling Street, courtesy of the h2g2 Edited Guide

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