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Dead warrior atop planet Earth
There is a tipping point with climate change that once we're passed it, the possibility of "reversing" the damage caused becomes impossible. I don't know where that tipping point is, but we're close, if we haven't passed it already.

Message in a Klein Bottle

We could have been born
Seen daylight, wondered at stars
Felt wind, shivered in snow.
But you were too busy.
You had your Facebook and your Twitter.
You had an opinion about everything.
You knew the lyrics to a thousand songs,
The plot of every superhero movie.
But climate change was 'too hard' to think about.
We could have lived.
Admired a sunset.
Tasted an apple.
But you had to win.
'I like him, he's a strong leader.'
'Those people are the problem.'
'We have more pressing issues here.'
Your priorities were important to you.
We could have been there.
Instead we wait, nowhere.
Wait while the dead planet spins, empty,
A lonely rock circling an unimportant star.
At least, finally, you have all shut up.
We wait, hoping.
Hoping that somewhere, life will evolve,
Life less selfish, less stupid than you.
We hope you were wrong.
We hope that someone out there
Has a clue.
You certainly didn't.
Hey...some of us want to be able to sleep without medicinal intervention. All these domesday tweets are just setting my anxiety into full gear.

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