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Bluebottle's Najopomo links for the last few years are all here!


1st November 2019Puppet Power!
2nd November 2019Introducing... Raymond Sting!
3rd November 2019A Close Sheep
4th November 2019Like a Puppet on a Shoestring Budget?
5th November 2019Preaching to the Quire
6th November 2019Not Bored of the Board
7th November 2019Yabba-Haberdashery Do!
8th November 2019Shalom Salome
9th November 2019Where Dick Dastardly Went Wrong
10th November 2019Plough & Pillow Talk
11th November 2019And They Call It Puppet Love
12th November 2019Why the Pirate Couldn't Play Cards
13th November 2019That's a Wrap!
14th November 2019My Son and I Not Getting the Hang of Thursday
15th November 2019Happy Birdday To You
16th November 2019Firework-Free Fish Funnel Fun
17th November 2019Crossing The North
18th November 2019Learning the Knowledge
19th November 2019And Now, the News
20th November 2019Keeping Up a Peer Reviews
21st November 2019Pick a Card, Any Card
22nd November 2019The Definitive Article
23rd November 2019I Don't Want to Spoil the Party
24th November 2019Tray Bien
25th November 2019Coming Soon To A Notepad on My Desk
26th November 2019'It's Worse than Jazz Hands'
27th November 2019I Think it is Because I Wear Glasses
28th November 2019Springtime
29th November 2019Fuming and Perfuming?
30th November 2019Card Shark


1st November 2018I'll Get Me Coat
2nd November 2018Dazzling Naturalist Impressions
3rd November 2018parkrun Progress
4th November 2018Social Climber
5th November 2018Remember Remember, NOT Dismember Dismember
6th November 2018Singing to the Choir
7th November 2018Mansplaining the Burning Tissue of the Day: Giving that Man a Hand
8th November 2018Who Will Buy This? Wonderful Moaning
9th November 2018Noisy Eight Minute's Silence
10th November 2018Praising parkrun, Pruning Parents-in-law, Pouring Precipitation, and Prosecco
11th November 2018Commemorating An Important Centenary
12th November 2018Just Swell: Me Ankle Don't Ackle
13th November 2018The Local Outlook
14th November 2018Growing or Groaning?
15th November 2018How 'The Grinch' Stole My Wife's Birthday
16th November 2018Catalogue
17th November 2018Lights! Fireworks! Action!
18th November 2018Is this the Real Life? Is this just Fantasy?
19th November 2018Nothing Says 'Christmas' like a Glum Enema Subpoena
20th November 2018Boilers, Banks and Back at Work
21st November 2018It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Crossword
22nd November 2018"This is gonna replace CD's soon. Guess I'll have to buy the White Album again..."
23rd November 2018Feeling Liberated in the Library
24th November 2018We Are the Champions
25th November 2018Play Day
26th November 2018I climbed to the monastery at the very top of the mountain where the Buddhist monks taught me
27th November 2018This little BB went to Market and this little BB had none, and this little BB went Wah! Wah! Wah! all the way home
28th November 2018It's a Kind of Magic v Socio-Economic Factors
29th November 2018Ryde where you Rust
30th November 2018Thank You For the Music


1st November 2017Writing Another's Autobiography
2nd November 2017Save Our Schools - No Ticket to Ryde
3rd November 2017You Just Don't Get Real Geography Like You Did In My Day
4th November 2017Overture
5th November 2017It doesn't really count as a triathalon
6th November 2017Books, Books, Books
7th November 2017Alfie's Autopsy
8th November 2017Suffering Sport at School: Skins, Showers and Sadists
9th November 2017Telly Time
10th November 2017History isn't what it used to be
11th November 2017Is it too early to start watching Christmas films?
12th November 2017Stone Age River
13th November 2017Popping Down the Bookies
14th November 2017How do you measure, measure a year?
15th November 2017A&E is for Ashes, Birthday, Chin, Despicable ringtone and Emergency
16th November 2017Vestibule Vampires
17th November 2017Pet-rified?
18th November 2017It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas
19th November 2017Are YOU Ready for Love?
20th November 2017Clause and Effect?
21st November 2017Flash Moz
22nd November 2017Wretched Hive of Scum and Dentistry
23rd November 2017Cross Crisis Crossword
24th November 2017Black Friday Offer – Get Books Out the Library For Free!
25th November 2017Tights and Hair
26th November 2017Sunday in the Life
27th November 2017Brightly Coloured and Intertwined Male and Female Genitalia
28th November 2017Smiling Again
29th November 2017Woody's Round Up
30th November 2017A Change of Perspective


See Najopomo Thread. Topics covered:

  1. I've a Cold Inside, There's No Kind of Atmosphere
  2. Bookshop Browsing
  3. Reviewing My Peer Review
  4. If You Like a Lot of Chocolate on your Biscuit Join our Club
  5. Son's Tenth parkrun
  6. London's Burning, London's Burning, Fetch the Shoebox, Fetch the Shoebox
  7. The Cycle of the Seasons
  8. Ear Today
  9. Uplifting Thoughts
  10. At Night, No-One Can See You Wear Tights
  11. Remember Remember
  12. Loaf of Bread, Bottle of Milk and a Batmobile
  13. Conventional Thinking
  14. Dotty Marketing
  15. Wife's Birthday
  16. Crossword Creation
  17. Nukulele Warfare
  18. Spots and Fluff
  19. Lights, Camera, Fluffy
  20. There's No Place like Homework
  21. Mothercare Monday
  22. Ten Whole Minutes!
  23. Evacuees
  24. Is Innocence Black and White?
  25. Not Writin' Nuffin' (F'now)
  26. Window Washing
  27. Can Pac Spam Can
  28. Unleash the Power!
  29. Washing and Waiting
  30. Red Lorry, Cola Lorry


For 2015 - see: Najopomo Thread. Topics covered:

  1. Starter For 10
  2. A Close Shave...?
  3. Ungoodish Tuesday
  4. Cheque Mate
  5. A Damp Squib
  6. Book to the Future
  7. ParkSquelch
  8. Diarrhetic Daughter's Diplodocus
  9. The Teletubbies and Charlotte Yonge
  10. Stunning Southampton
  11. At the going down of the sun and in the morning I will be Centre Stage
  12. Wicked Writer
  13. Silence Speaking Volumes?
  14. In SPECTRE Gadgets
  15. Buying my wife a Car Battery for her Birthday
  16. Graduation Sad Rags
  17. Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes
  18. On A Knife's Edge
  19. Nothing Says 'Christmas' Quite Like Belly Dancers...
  20. All Washed Up
  21. No Snow and Fireworks
  22. Falling Flat on my Face in the Frozen New Forest
  23. Throwing Down the Gauntlet
  24. Punctural Arrival
  25. Another Day
  26. Sandwich Claus
  27. Futurelearn Friday
  28. Taking the Parents to Meet Father Christmas
  29. Good Dinosaur, Disappointing Film?
  30. End of the Line


2014 Najopomo; Topics include:

  1. Facebook Fault
  2. Any Old Iron
  3. Operation
  4. Decorating Decorum
  5. They Don't Make Health & Safety Videos Like This Any More
  6. Operation Preparation
  7. Sliced & Diced
  8. Watching Runners
  9. Remember Remember
  10. Stand and Deliver
  11. That's The Time When Likings Are Made
  12. Chuffed
  13. Booked
  14. Some Assembly Required
  15. Mrs Bluebottle's Birthday
  16. A Day in the Life
  17. Water Water Everywhere (And a Washing Machine Up the Spout)
  18. Cheese
  19. Terrierised Friends?
  20. Charity Begins in the Home Town
  21. It's a Long Way to Ukelele
  22. 'Twas the Month Before Christmas (ish)
  23. Interstellar - A Spare Odyssey?
  24. The Finer Things in Life?
  25. Waiting
  26. Well Well Well
  27. Change It Had To Come
  28. I've Been Swimming In Raw Sewage, I Love It
  29. A Toy in the Hand is worth Two in the Bush
  30. A Cross Word at Christmas


2013 Najopomo - Topics covered:

  1. November Notes
  2. A Plug for Labelling Theory
  3. BB's boy's in the BB
  4. Truncated Swim
  5. What would you think if I sang out of tune?
  6. I'm Cycling in the Rain, Just Cycling in the Rain...
  7. Sight for Sore Eyes
  8. A Plum Job?
  9. Pass the Parcel?
  10. Ebenezer Scrooge - and Matthew....?
  11. We Will Remember Them
  12. It's Not a Moustache, Dear, It's an Eyebrow for my Mouth...
  13. Breaking the Mould
  14. My Wife is Going to Kill You All!
  15. They Say It's Your Birthday
  16. Interfering In-laws
  17. Dark Days and Ridgeways?
  18. Mum's the Word
  19. Singing all the right words (but not necessarily in the right order)
  20. Water Water Everywhere
  21. Marketing Shed the Magic
  22. On the Contrary, Gravity is Foremost on my Mind.
  23. Gone Fish-ing
  24. Understanding the Gravity of the Situation
  25. Inhospitable?
  26. Is Never A Cross Word the Write Stuff?
  27. But all I've got is a Photograph
  28. Does Charity begin at Home?
  29. Sowing Wild Oats and No Use Crying over Spilt Milk
  30. And So This is Christmas, and What Have We Done?

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