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Posted: 6th November 2017

Of NaJo, and Fiction, and the New Book, and. . .

Guess whose TV set this is? Hint: It's in Yorkshire.

Remember, remember,
NaJoPoMo's November. . .

Okay, it's only the 6th of the month, and we're getting silly already. Are you NaJoing? Remember to list your A-number with the Management. Are you reading along? We hope you are, because the whole place is hopping. Here are some of the participants you want to be following in this month's journal-writing madness:

Meanwhile, what's in the h2g2 Post this week? Prepare to be bowled over. This is an outstanding collection of the truly weird and utterly hilarious, with a few actual thoughtful things thrown in, just to prove that we're grownups (sometimes).
    Dawn at the Mersey Tunnel by FWR.
  • Willem brings us a bushpig. I think it looks rather clever. Bushpigs live in parts of Africa. Read the article to find out where, and what they get up to. Willem's work belongs to the grownup part of the Post.
  • Not so grownup: the Caption Challenge, where we invite snark (as opposed to not inviting it, and getting it anyway). This week, help us caption MMF's startling find in Kew Gardens. What it is about Kew Gardens, anyhow? Last time, it was a shirt in a tree. Now, the tree's gone all funny. Is it the water down in Surrey?
  • Awix covers Ragnarok. No, not the final destruction of the world in the conflict between the Aesir and the powers of Hel: the latest Marvel movie. Do try and keep up. Norse mythology, being less sophisticated than Hollywood, forgot to include The Incredible Hulk in the action. The way Awix tells it, it's all terribly exciting.
  • Quizzes will test your word power (do you have 'the best words'?) and ask you to see a man about a horse. Bluebottle takes a week off from language lessons, and instead brings us an update on the Flea Market. Remember: the entry you rescue may make you famous.
  • Night Over Glastonbury Tor by bobstafford.
  • And then the Post gets really weird. No, seriously. FWR gives us a sample of this month's NaJo project with 'Inbox Full of Weird'. And if that's not bad enough, and it is, he's written the short story the Dream Journal folks egged him on to write. 'Bexhill Bluegrass' may not be something the world is ready for, but h2g2's got it. And if Your Editor gets turned into a fictional character one more time, there'd better be money in the budget for therapy.
  • We're not done. You were just hoping. . . Florida Sailor dug up a childhood memory (I told you the October challenge is still good) which involves the tension between respectability and practicality. We've all been there. What? You mean your relatives didn't do things that raised eyebrows with the bourgeoisie? I don't know where you high-toned people come from, but my grandmother drank her coffee from a saucer.
  • Just when you thought it was safe to read online again, Bluebottle is back with a blog. Beer, busses, and birds. Where does all this drinking and bus-riding take place? Are you sure you're on the right website?
  • A Bronte Costume by Minorvogonpoet.
  • We have the usual quantum of humour and drivel. And bad writing advice, which MVP will correct me on as soon as she has time away from her more serious NaJo pursuits. That's her picture over there, by the way. All the pictures in this Editorial, except for the last one, are featured in the Post's NaJo Journal. If you have pictures you'd like to share, please email them to the Post.
  • Where was I? Oh, yes. The surprises do not stop coming. Gnomon's back, with a special report from Notes Around the Sundial. It concerns Douglas Adams, Kilgore Trout, and Naked Sex-Robots. Obviously a can't-miss feature. Yes, we know one of those science fiction writers is made up. Why yell at me? I appear to be a fictional character, myself.
  • Our Research Department never stops mining the data on the interwebs for things you can't live without. This week, we've come up with a real gem from 1889: The Adventures of Little Baron Trump. We're not sure, but that title may be the long-awaited Proof of Time Travel. It's certainly an amusing book. Read the excerpt about the Armless Knight, and decide for yourself.
  • Finally, there's another book review. You may remember a couple of weeks ago, when SashaQ reviewed the telephone book? I mean the book about telephones. Anyway, that very week, I found another book about telephones in the junk. . . er, antique store in town, and I couldn't resist. I think you'll find it interesting.

So that's our stellar roundup. So I can stop talking now. . .

Er, wait. No I can't. I believe there is a bulletin coming up. . . .
The new h2g2 book, cover by Willem.
Do you know people who are beginning to do their Christmas shopping? You do? Then give them this link! We want to sell them a book!

Yes, friends: the long-awaited first volume of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Earth Edition is now Available in Online Stores. Titled Space and Space Travel, Volume 1, this exquisite coffee-table tome features forty-two Entries on space, space travel, ufos, etc, by a variety of Researchers, taken from the Edited Guide. It's profusely illustrated. Tell all your friends, relatives, and acquaintances. What we hope to do, in addition to garnering a few bob to pay for Improvements, is to introduce h2g2 to a wider audience. Okay, and we really, really wanted to see our names on a coffee table. Tell your family to buy you one for Christmas. (We know it's pricey, but look at the quality!)

So, now I'm finally going to shut up and go drink coffee. You go and read, leave comments, and remember our email address. Have a great week out there!

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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