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Posted: 8th May 2017

Forward the Pioneers

A map of Lost Ekinoot That map over there is a challenge on top of a challenge. It's also an invitation. UK glaciologist Martin O'Leary has designed a Twitter bot that generates geography – a whole new imaginary land every hour. We have his explicit permission to allow you all to create the stories that will make these lands come to life. See instructions and links in this issue. I've started us off by committing an outrage upon Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who was stoned at the time. It should give you the idea that anything goes here.

May's challenge is 'Build a Better World'. One way to do this is to be an inspiration. Freewayriding shares a poem his son wrote that demonstrates what we mean. Enjoy these entries, and get to work telling us how you're going about improving things. (We certainly can't wait on these 'world leaders'.)

On to more bizarre spaces. The Literary Corner takes us back in the old tardis, to Old Chicago. It's kind of a snarky place. Our picture quiz invites you to figure out what happened to a river in Paris. Staying in the tardis, where it's safer, Your Editor ninja-reviews a couple of movies with temporally-challenged ghosts in.

Awix reports from the cinema of superheroes. Willem covers the loveliness that flits around his neighbourhood. Nigel has the skinny on UFOs in Northern Ireland, and what people think about them there. We ask you to decide what those chickens are clucking over – apart from this issue.

As usual, we are bossy, and try to get you to write more Stuff! Please do. The more people we hear from, the better it gets.

And have a great week out there! Don't get lost in the imaginary landscapes: remember to take your maps with you.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Common Waxbills by Willem.
  • Chickens communicating.



  • Ghost with fried eggs and spatula.
  • Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

  • Create May Challenge 2017.

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