The Sultanate of Lost Ekinoot

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Imaginary maps are so inspiring. . .

The Sultanate of Lost Ekinoot (A Vision in a Dream1)

The Sultanate of Lost Ekinoot, from Uncharted Atlas2
Ipotipih, the Sultan vowed
Would be a garden of delight,
A fair oasis in the sand
To gladden heart of beast and man,
A market vast and bright.
So thrice five miles of fertile ground
With earth-movers were girdled round,
Bulldozers, sweepers, backhoes shifted clay,
Removing supernumerary hills,
Creating bicycle path, pedestrian way,
Planting, in fragrant, sinuous rills
Forced flowers in pots the old Home Depot way.
A damsel with a laptop then,
A vision shown on CNN,
Did interrupt the progress.
She cried with scorn, 'Beware! Beware!
'Illegal what you're doing there!
'The EPA gives notice!
'An ecosystem shouldn't fall
'Just to build a shopping mall
'In the home of the rare Apohokan lotus!'
And thus the Sultan's dream did end,
To th'environment, he was no friend,
And all who see should cry, Beware!
His waving hands, synthetic hair,
Build a picket circle thrice,
And close your ears to his advice,
For he with Waterhouse and Price
Did try to pave o'er Paradise.
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Dmitri Gheorgheni

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1I blame the news and that pizza I ate before bed.2Map generated on Twitter by Uncharted Atlas bot. Thanks to the creative Martin O'Leary.

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