Create May 2017 Challenge: Build a Better World

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Create May 2017 Challenge: Build a Better World

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I think that we could agree on what kind of a world we would all want to build.
Robert Kennedy

We all know the word that means 'an imaginary, better world': utopia. This month, let's challenge Robert Kennedy's claim that we know what kind of world we want to build.

Design your own utopia. What would need to change? What would a better world look like? Tell us about it in an essay, short story, poem, or image.

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Write about:

  • A utopian movement of the past. What did it aim to achieve? Did it succeed, or fail?
  • An individual who tried/tries to make the world a better place.
  • A modern movement that aims to change the world we live in. What are its goals? How's it doing with that?
  • An invention or innovation that radically changed the world, for good or ill. (Not all utopian ideas are good ones.)

To make change, you need a plan. Before you raise another picket sign or don another pink hat, stop and think about the world we live in, and how it got that way. Write something down – you may be helping win the revolution!


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