The Post Quiz: More Snopes

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It's that time again.

The Post Quiz: More Snopes

You know the drill: guess whether these common rumours are true or false. All decisions by are final.

  1. There is more than one country on the continent of Australia.
  2. The Texas legislature once passed a resolution commending the Boston Strangler, a serial killer.
  3. Lemmings routinely commit mass suicide by jumping off cliffs.
  4. Flamingos' eggs have pink yolks.
  5. The State of Louisiana, USA, legally recognises the Catholic seal of the confessional.
  6. Bestiality is legal in Canada.
  7. A revolting prisoner in Auschwitz killed a concentration camp guard just outside a gas chamber in 1945.
  8. According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Santa's reindeer have infinite lifespans.
  9. The Danish version of the comic strip Peanuts was called Radishes.
  10. The US Army is trying to develop biodegrable bullets.

Having trouble sorting fact from fiction? Click the picture for answers.

Alex Porfir Borodin in a chemistry set
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