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Posted: 6th April 2015

Wherever You Go, There You Are

Eastbourne Pier by Cactuscafe. And there h2g2 is, too: recording the moments. Cactuscafe took this picture, though it made her sad. Sometimes keeping track of local changes brings a tear to the eye and a pulling to the heartstrings. So it goes.

This month, the Create Team want everybody to think about their local area – be it metropolis or tiny hamlet – and what happened there. Or what people say happened there. Or what you wish would happen there. In other words, what's your locale's claim to fame? As usual, write. Or draw. Or click the camera. Send it to the usual places. Let's make April a banner month for h2g2 contributors.

If you've been celebrating the season that's in it, we hope you found all the Easter eggs in the backyard. Otherwise, they will continue to confuse the nesting birds. If you were celebrating online, we hope you found all the Easter eggs in your new game. (Mags.) Any excuse to eat chocolate works for us.

What do you mean, you want me to stop waffling and introduce the new issue? Oh, okay, okay…don't be so impatient. What have we got for you this week?

We've got:

An amazing frog.

A great story from FWR about why his local sign says Þ.

An update from the ever-popular Flea Market.

Nigel's eclipse photo. (Late, as usual.)

A couple of bang-up 42-word stories.

The usual cinema, quiz stuff, advice, and general snarkiness.

Now, are you satisfied? Well, you won't be, until you go and read it for yourself. So go do that.

And have a good week, everybody!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Greater Leaf-Folding Frog by Willem.
  • Sign for Thingwall by FWR.



  • Ossian Dodge.
  • Shave and a haircut.


  • April Create by FWR.
  • Hulme Hall.

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