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What is the claim to fame of the place where you live? That might be easy if you live in a town like Stirling, Scotland, where there were famous battles. But every place has its stories. If you live in an industrial city, what was the story of the men who built the mills or the docks? Even if you live in a little village, there may be ghost stories, or accounts of an eccentric local who built a folly on a hill. Let us have your stories. Write an article for the Edited Guide, or send us fiction, poetry and photos.

Don't live in a place as old – or as new – as the UK? Wherever you live, anywhere in the world, there's a story. Help us find it.

  • Who settled your area? Is there a story behind that?
  • How did your town/village/megalopolis get its name? (Anybody live in Mule Shoe, Texas? or Alice Springs? Or Megalopolis, Greece, population 10,687?
  • What do 'they' claim about that dangerous bend in the road or dizzying waterfall? Tell the legend of Dead Man's Curve or Lover's Leap.
  • What kind of history are you sleeping on? Was this place a battlefield? Or a native burial ground? Does the local bus stop at the scene of the Mahabharata, or to view Philip of Macedon's lion, or just to gawk at the river Washington crossed while chased by angry tribes?

'And this also,' said Marlow suddenly, 'has been one of the dark places of the earth.'

Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

He was talking about Essex.

Go spin us a yarn.

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