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just a few suggestions

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this entery is very good, anyway, some few changes could make it better :

the first difference between "tu" and "vous" is that "tu" is "singulier" (when you speak to one person) and "vous" is "pluriel" (when you speak to several person) it's the same than between I and we. "Vous" is also use as a polite form in the cases you said therefore you would never find it in an insult ! You can also notice that young people or places where there is a friendly atmosphere don't use "vous" since it's too formal. Anyway people won't take offence of a mistake (if you say tu instead of vous) made by a foreigner.

the formal sentence for "what's your name?" is "comment vous appelez vous?", the normal one is "tu t'appelles comment?", anyway i guess that one introduces oneself before asking for names, so you only need to say "my name is ... what about you" (et toi/vous?)

"comment allez vous?" is also a formal sentence, "comment ca va?", "ca va?" or "vous allez bien?" are more usuals (sorry I didn't find the accent and cedilla).

If you want to say "I study French at school, but I'm very bad at it " you only need to say "j'etudie le francais mais je suis mauvais"
(you don't need to say "at it" or if you really want to say it, then the sentence would be "mais j'y suis mauvais", but it's a wierd sentence though)

"le guide galactique" : is it the title in the french version or did you translate it" ? because in any case , the word hitchhiker has disappeared which completely change the sense of the title. "le guide de l'auto-stoppeur a destination de la galaxie"

I hope this will help, but anyway this entry is good so...

just a few suggestions

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Existential Elevator

Thankyou very much for all your suggestions... This page is only a pilot really though, y'see, and there's an edited version at A2465435... I'd actually completely forgotten that this one existed smiley - yikessmiley - run

As soon as I have time for it, I'll sort it out.

"guide galactique" is the French title of the book, as sugested by another reasercher smiley - smiley

I think I may well give this page a run over in the future... perhaps an alternative handy french phrases....?

smiley - ta very much


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