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The dangers of the French word 'baiser'

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Hi EE, smiley - smiley

you still thinking about this entry?

There are still quite a few bizarre phrases and odd insults in there, though. smiley - sadface

I see you have 'included' most of my suggestions into your entry, but I really think that some of yours should not go into an edited entry... smiley - sadface

I quite want to get a simple phrase book entry close to finished and drop it into PR again, so let me know what you want to do. smiley - smiley

I think the way to deal with slang, insults etc is to do a separate 'companion' entry 'à part entière', as it were. I may well get such an entry together in the near future and possibly drop into the CWW...

If I don't hear from you, I'm gonna polish up my version, include some stuff from this thread, and hit PR solo. If you want to be involved, I need some feedback, which for the time being hasn't been too forthcoming from you in this thread...


The dangers of the French word 'baiser'

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Trout Montague

Set a deadline.

The dangers of the French word 'baiser'

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I've added some straight suggestions under the 'straight' entry. Cited in Spaceman Spiff's comments higher up this thread.

EE if you want to develop yours in this direction please feel free to bung them in. I think there is room for something that is genuinely helpful (to the extent that a short list of phrases can be helpful)and something that is a bit more frivolous.


The dangers of the French word 'baiser'

Post 24

Existential Elevator

Thanks guys...

I'm so sorry, but RL has been a real pig lately, and I'm up to my ears in work....as soon as I have time, I'll sort everything out!

smiley - sorry

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