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Posted: 28th March 2002


Well I managed to spin this edition out until the UK were awake again.

It wasn't intentional, believe me, and I'll try not to make a habit of it... these things just happen, sometimes. I could go into a long explanation of why I'm working so late/early (depending on your timezone), but that would involve, amongst other things, musing on soliciting diagnoses/prescriptions from medical staff over phones, wondering why some parts of the world favour taking medicine at the exact opposite end of the body to others and how I've possibly finally uncovered the reason for the odd shape of the Dutch toilet. Suffice it to say that, after having spent rather more time in bed then I am accustomed to over the last few days, I actually feel wide-awake and have been rewarded with the best sunrise I've seen for a long time!

Has spring arrived at last? It certainly is a fine morning here in Zuid Holland - the blossom on the tree outside is a magnificent display of fluffy white, the birds have exhausted themselves with verbal gymnastics and the neighbours have already left (on foot, by car, but mostly op fiets, by bike) for their places of work. Sad to think, therefore, that the world has lost two extremely funny men and a British football legend in the last few days.

Dudley Moore died, aged 66, after losing his battle with a degenerative brain condition. I remember him not only as the brilliant partner of Peter Cook, with whom he created the rascally Derek and Clive - how many of us have their Ad Nauseum LP in our collection? - but more so as a great pianist who could play jazz or classical music with equal effect. The US waved goodbye to Milton Berle, Mr Television, the same day. At least he had a good innings, reaching the impressive age of 93. Another grand old man who died this week was Kenneth Wolstenholme, the voice who famously said 'They think it's all over' and instantly followed up with 'It is now' after Geoff Hurst scored the winning goal in the 1966 World Cup Final. I am not reknowned for particularly enjoying football (sorry Ormy), but I know he was beloved by many sports fans.

On a brighter note why not join the fun on and around h2g2 this Easter weekend? The Easter Bunny is laying a trail of eggs just for you in the Great Easter Egg Hunt 2002.

One or two apologies and then I'm done. Spimcoot has the equivalent of writers block, so sends his regrets to his many fans. Lindsay warned us last week that there were no suitable releases for him to vet this week in his Bubble Burst column, so no real surprise there. DoctorMO seems to be constantly snowed under with Real Life, so is another absentee. Finally I should apologise to Demon Drawer - he promised you the Peta's this week, but I missed his message to me until he was probably tucked up fast asleep, so I am hoping that he'll forgive me and reveal all next week instead!




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