The Timelord Quiz - Blake's 7 - The Solution

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Here are the answers for the Blake's 7 Quiz set by TIMELORD last week. The winner was Emmily with 8/10.

  1. Q: What was the original name of The Liberator?

    A: Deep Space Vehicle 2 or DSV2

  2. Q: How many episodes did Gareth Thomas appear in?
    A: 281

  3. Q: What two tribes were fighting on Xenon?
    A: Seska and Hommiks

  4. Q: Why did Villa not trust Dorian?
    A: Villa said:
    Avon could be right about Dorian. I always said you can never trust a man who keeps his booze under lock and key'

  5. Q: Who was number 2 on the Federation's most wanted list behind Blake and
    his crew?
    A: Bayban the Butcher2

  6. Q: Were do space pilots leave there ships acording to Villa?
    A: (Sorry about
    this one) At parking meteors

  7. Q: What episode saw Glynis Barber's first TV appearance?
    A: Project Avalon3

  8. Q: Which member of the crew had been found guilty of murder?

    A: Olag Gan or plain Gan

  9. Q: What class of ship did Travis use to seek Blake?
    A: Starburst Class

  10. Q: Cygnus Alpha was the prison planet that Blake was sentenced to but what
    was Cygnus XL?
    A: It was a black hole


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1He did get this wrong
on a quiz by saying 27 but it was 28.
2As played by Colin Baker3As a mutoid.

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