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Come Visit The Haunted Castle....Three shadowy figuressmiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley -

You come through an abandoned graveyard,past the twisted trees, which reach down to grab at your clothes. Walking against the wind, you ignore the swirling mists rising from the graves and run up a worn stone path. Towering stone walls, covered with lichen, surround you, and a series of steps guarded by giant stone gargoyles leads you to a long bridge. The gargoyles watch you with glowing red eyes as you pass between them.

As you walk over the wide suspension bridge, it begins swaying in the wind. Below, in the moat, there amidst the moat smiley - s is the S.S.Revenant, a gift from Pinniped. A ghost ship, it's zombie crew look up and watch you as you pass.

Coming off of the bridge, you pass through more graves. A statue of an angel, in white marble, seems to glare at you. You can almost hear her wings flutter.Under her stern and watchful eye, you come to a darkened courtyard.A cold wind blows through the courtyard of the grey stone castle. Two huge oaken doors on rusty hinges open inward with a blood-curdling Screeechsmiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - and you enter a darkened hall, lit only by flickering torch light. The main hall opens into a large chamber. Covered with worn red carpet, the floors are of stone, cracked and damp, and slippery where the carpet has worn thin. The walls are decorated with faded tapestries showing scenes of feasting, war and medieval life in general. A subtle red glow from the lichen on the damp walls makes it look as though they are bleeding.

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As the wind whistles and moans throughout the building,screams and laughter can be heard echoing throughout the Haunted Castle. Eyes stare down on you from the portraits on the wall. They seem to be watching your every move. Whispers can be heard from behind the door to the left. Light blazes through the crack under the door and you know that you have reachedex-Rambling's Fan ClubA snooker table

A winding stairway leads to a series of rooms, each door emblazoned with a name and strange, arcane drawings:

smiley - smiley - Red Dog!!!smiley - dogsmiley - smiley - Amy P. (The Paper Lady)smiley - Amy Saintsmiley - Artenshiursmiley - Apollosmiley - Clipboardsmiley - Clive thesmiley - Ostrichsmiley - Big Bad Wolfsmiley - smiley - Busterbonessmiley - Bluebottlesmiley - smiley - Dancersmiley - smiley - Detective Armanismiley - Dragonfly(Musemom)smiley - EvilRoysmiley - smiley - Englandersmiley - the Gooksmiley - Granny Weatherwaxsmiley - smiley - Hushpaw, werewolfsmiley - smiley - I'm still thinkingsmiley - Just Mesmiley - Lurchersmiley - smiley - Michelesmiley - Mistadrong, Count vonCountsmiley - smiley - Ottox smiley - Paul H.smiley - smiley - Pinnipedsmiley - Parraferrissmiley - Peregrinsmiley - Shea the Sarcastic( Mrs. T.J.)smiley - T.J. (Mr. Shea)smiley - Saturn Girlsmiley - smiley - Spranglesmiley - Ice Fang/Saturn's Daughtersmiley - S.E.A.smiley - smiley - Sgt. Mushroomsmiley - smiley - Snowmansmiley - smiley - Taliesinsmiley - Tweety29 Uncle Heavy smiley - (On a mission from God!!)smiley - vulpix and Star, (her coyote pup)smiley - smiley - Yowuzupmansmiley - smiley -

A Dominatrix and her DogA green and scary monsterAt the back of the hall is an iron door. It resists being opened, and will reveal a downward staircase. You break through the cobwebs to find that This leads to The Haunted Dungeon, as well as an expansive system of labratories suitable for testing spells or whipping up scientific gadgets that we like to call The Underground Research Center. For the acedemically inclined, we have a library with separate sections for mad scientists and wizards. Further down the hall is our well-stocked armory, and finally, the storage Vault.

ex-Rambling's Army of the dead sometimes can be found in the sub-basement, or in the crypt, below.

The walls, floors and ceilings of the castle are riddled with tunnels, traps, hidden passeges and sliding doors. There is a vast network of tunnels beneath the castle that have yet to be explored.

Places to smiley - to:
Sign saying 'Home of Dick Turpin and Open Fires'

Visit the haunted pub at The Dead Man's Inn For good, creepy fun.smiley - The spookiest pub on the h2g2. Just Me heads it. And, for your investigative needs please feel free to drop in on Detective Armani at the D.A. Detective Agency.

A spaceship passing in front of a red planet

Visit the The Star Pilot Hotel Space Station

For some reason the H2G2 Mercenaries have deleted their page. After running all over trying to find a negotiation thread, I'm gonna leave them off until they contact me with a place to link to. A great bunch of guys.

Don't fly by the Seed's End Motel
without checking out their fascilities. An avian haven on the grounds of the Haunted Castle, run by our very own Tweety29

A beach

Don't forget to read The Ghost Post The Ghost Post, 2nd Edition, and Ghost post, 3rd edetion, featuring Pinniped's Death Style Magazine coverage.

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