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The Starpilot Hotel

You land on the exterior landing bays, at which you notice many high-priced luxury craft coming and going. You walk towards the station, past a large billboard, which reads NEWS FLASH: STARPILOT HOTEL GOES WEB-WIDE!!! COME JOIN UP TODAY!

As you walk through the airlock, you see a sign that reads "please deactivate any electronic devices you may have, low-level EMP field in use". You do so and pass through the lock, where you come out into an ornately decorated lobby that would look more at home in a high-class New York hotel than in the middle of the asteroid belt.

There is a turbolift to the back of the room, labeled "to Hanger Bay".

There is a small lounge, with a robotic alcohol service system, across from the front desk.

There is a room next to the turbolift containing two teleports, one labeled THE COMPLEX and one THE SPACE CENTER.

A hallway leads off in both directions, and on the left a sign says GIFT SHOP THIS WAY.

Job Thank You's

Thank you to Yowuzupman for taking the position of Landing Supervisor/Dockmaster and Seargeant Mushroom for Security Guard. Oh, and we can't forget the all-important front-desk guy, played by Fred Smith.

Jobs still avaliable!

Positions remain open for bartender, store clerk and our security pilots force. Please apply in the Employment forum.

Station Navigation Bar (NEW!)

Lobby|Hanger|Shop|Hanger Bar|Fuel Depot|Anti-Borg Movement HQ

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