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As you land your ship on the black cement pad in the middle of the forest. On this remote planet you see, a little ways off, a cement bunker door. You exit your ship, walk to the door, and state your name. After a second of hesitation the solid titanium door slides, with surprising speed, open then closed again as you enter a plush lobby with immaculate furniture from all ages. You notice 2 Marine guards standing on either side of another door a little ways off. A small friendly robot comes up gives you directions to a few different areas, all of which are through that door guarded by the Marine guards...

My Office
Ship Descriptions
In The Warehouse

Due to the nature of this place we are in close contact with the Space Center's Fire Department. If you want to go to the station then step here *indicates a teleporter pad*
and away you go. Or you can visit
my home here.

A most wonderful hotel is to be found at the other side of this here teleporter pad: Pad # 2

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